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Regional Congress of Mexico will validate documents on the Avalanche blockchain

The Congress of the state of Quintana Roo, in Mexico, will adopt the so-called distributed accounting technology (DLT), or blockchain, to validate documents related to local legislation. The entity announced that it will use the Avalanche project network for the certification of initiatives, opinions and decrees.

The incorporation of the registers distributed in the legislative branch is part of an update of the correspondence management system and file. According to a press release released this March 1, the regional congress will be the first in the country to implement DLT .

«Documents such as opinions and decrees, among others, will have the same treatment, so that suspicions regarding the impersonation or modification of these during the legislative process will be put to an end “, the institution highlighted on its website.

Those who present an initiative, for example, will obtain a QR code that, when scanned, will take the user to the website where they can consult, download and validate their document. The intention of the authorities is to generate trust and transparency among citizens, entities and legislators.

The information registered in a blockchain is immutable, that is, cannot be modified once time the data is entered . This feature is one of its strengths against potential modifications or attempts to destroy documents.

Once the system has been updated with the Incorporation of the Avalanche blockchain, the authorities ensure that the management of documents addressed to the legislative branch will be made easier for citizens and public entities. This includes digitization, tracking efficiency, and confidentiality.

Avalanche’s system is open source and offers support for smart contracts, decentralized applications, and enterprise-profile blockchain implementations. On its website the project claims that it processes more than 4,500 transactions per second.

Blockchain applications in Mexico

The North American country has been receptive to DLT and its various applications. A study released in October last year by CriptoNoticias highlighted that 4 out of 10 companies want to use blockchain, or even cryptocurrencies, in their business models.

The report from the research firm Ponemon indicated that 43% of the organizations consulted would use blockchains for administrative processes , transactions of assets, cryptocurrencies, wallets, digital identity, supply chain or smart contracts.

Currently, DLT projects cover, for example, the certification of academic degrees or proposals for distribution and traceability of vaccines against the infectious disease COVID-19.

Although it is known globally as distributed ledger technology, or blockchain, it is actually Bitcoin technology. Registers of this type were born with the first cryptocurrency and allow the establishment of information on transactions of value or data, all based on cryptography techniques.

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