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Recreation during working hours? IT security workers spend six hours of the work week on their hobbies

Breaks may occur to get a little out of the lot of work, which they say is one of the most common reasons they leave the cybersecurity job anyway. These findings are new to Kaspersky, “ IT Security Team Management “c.

Both routine and repetitive tasks occur in the field of cybersecurity. , and these have an impact on both productivity and work motivation. The transition to teleworking has further blurred the boundaries between work and leisure. The combination of these factors can result in situations where employees are often distracted from work.

Kaspersky’s report is based on a global survey of more than 5,200 IT and cybersecurity employees. According to the research, in the countries of the Eastern European region, IT security staff most often engaged in these activities during working hours: trained (56%), watching movies or TV series (52 %), watched videos on YouTube (52%) and read news (43%). Nearly half of the respondents (46%) were able to take time to read literature.

1. s. image: Such are the hobbies of those working in the field of IT security during working hours

In addition, almost half of those working in the field of IT security (49%) believe that their colleagues have left their jobs there due to a lot of work. This may seem contradictory, as they work quite a lot of time, but 43% said they do not deal with someone else during working hours because they are bored or because there is little work, but because they need a break between tasks. In addition, when working from home, some tasks and discussions can now take place outside of the traditional 9 to 5 working hours. During longer working days, it is even more important for employees to take breaks, as this is the only way to stay productive for longer periods of time.

I do not find it problematic that employees do other things at work.The amount of work should be controlled, not how many hours someone spends on a hobby.I think it’s also perfectly okay for people to watch videos as they can draw ideas from them to solve a problem.All in comparison, if you don’t find the job interesting enough, or if there is no task management, the employee will always find a way to do something else, even in the office “- said Andrei Yevdokimov, Director of Information Security of Kaspersky.

” The employee must have objectives, performance indicators, targets and metrics that characterize the quality and speed of your work. there is no effect on performance, until then there is no problem with someone taking a little off while working. However, if efficiency decreases or differs from that of colleagues, you need to pay attention to it. The manager must inform employees about inadequate productivity as soon as possible so that they can find a solution to the problem “ – says Sergei Soldatov, head of Kaspersky Security Operations Center.

Kaspersky’s IT Security and Security Operations Center experts recommend the following for managing IT security teams:

-> Ensure that the company is well equipped with IT security staff. The optimal number is roughly if every 10 IT professionals have a cyber security officer.

-> At least five staff members responsible for monitoring are required to perform the tasks performed by the security operations center on an ongoing basis. Introduce multiple shift schedules to avoid overtime.

-> Outsource typical IT security tasks. In-house workers thus have more time to deal with company-specific requirements and protect traditional IT infrastructure.

-> Assign employees to different, unusual tasks so that they do not get caught up in a routine and develop their skills.

Further advice on the overall report and team management can be found in this section.

About the survey

In June 2020, Kaspersky’s Global Corporate IT Security Risks Survey (ITSRS) consulted a total of 5,266 IT decision makers in 31 countries. Participants were asked what is the state of IT security in their organization, what types of threats they face, and what costs they incur when trying to recover from attacks.

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