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Recorded video against those who conspired against PTI Board: Imran Khan

Former-prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan, addressing party rally in Sialkot, on May 14, 2022 – YouTube/PTI

SIALKOT: Exiled prime minister Imran Khan revealed on Saturday that he had recorded a video of in people involved in a “conspiracy” that led to his government’s removal and warned that if anything happened to him, he would be released.

PTI Chairman, in in his address to Sialkot Jalsa, said that a “plot” was being prepared to take his life – and despite the fact that he knew about it before, now he has enough evidence to confirm This is.

PTI Chairman, in light of alleged conspiracy with kill him, said he recorded a video and saved it in security place” in which he mentioned every character that was behind “conspiracy” to oust him government.

“They (without specification) decided kill Imran Khan. And that’s why I made this video, because I don’t consider what I do politics, but for me it’s jihad,” said the chairman of PTI.

Khan said he called everyone by their first names. people who were involved in “conspiracy” abroad and in home. “I said in video what names of everyone who conspired against my government engraved on my heart.”

This was stated by the chairman of PTI. reason behind his video was in Pakistan, powerful people not held accountable, so through this video he will expose everyone who went”against country’s interest.

Khan said that during his tenure, he wanted bring corrupt politicians to justice, but “powerful people” who could do what is now accepted corruption as the norm.

exiled prime minister urged people to come out against in government and support FTI like they don’t, “you won’t have future”.

exiled prime minister spent series of rallies in different cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Mianwali, Lahore, Peshawar and Jhelum as he prepares his party against in government forthcoming of Islamabad march.

Where are my yards?

Khan told the judiciary took a good initiative, taking over suo motu on night of in no-confidence vote and opened the gate of Courts.

The chairman of the PTI informed the judiciary that a corruption case worth 24 billion rupees had been filed. against Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz and his brother Salman Shahbaz.

“So tell me the country where [authorities] do things against you and when you come to power you take away all these officials who investigated cases against corrupt politicians,” Khan said.

He paid tribute to former Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) director Dr. Rizvan, who had the courage to continue investigating corruption cases against “sharif mafia”.

But when PML-N appeared power“Dr. Rizwan was under pressure; Hamza Sharif threatened him and Dr. Rizwan was under a lot of pressure, he had a heart attack and died.”

Khan claimed that another FIA official, Nadeem Akhtar, also heart hurt attack yesterday. “I want ask a question: officers who investigate cases of the mafia is under intense pressure, how This possible? Where are my courts? It’s your job ensure they are safe.”

We never stopped their rallies.

Sialkot Jalsa pursues heightened political activism took place in tiny hours of Saturday as a Christian community protested against The original location of the PTI rally.

With the Christian community complaining, the police vacated the venue, and when some PTI workers and leaders intervened, they were arrested. in process.

Then P.T.I. changed Location of This public collection from the CTI site – a property of Christian community – to the VIP area in Sialkot, because he did not receive prior permission from them for rally.

After that, the leaders and employees of PTI, including Usman Dar, were released.

Reaction to the actions of the Sialkot police and local administration against PTI employees, party the chairman said that PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif party was equal “coward”.

Khan, slamming the government said that when PTI was in power, this did not stop the then opposition from holding long marches, rallies or sit-ins.

“Every three months they [PML-N would come to Islambad] supplant our government. The biggest illness Asif Ali Zardari and man who sells diesel permits, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, were also with then you,” Khan said.

Khan said that he party always remained peaceful, but alerted Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla and government that if they resorted to violence, they “won’t get any place hide”.

moving onexprime minister Khan said after first independence struggle, which led to creation of Pakistan, the nation was struggling for “real independence” for in second time.

Turning your weapon on Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari Khan told the PPP chairman to remember that foreign agencies knew of where “his bank there are accounts.

“You can’t look at them in in eyes and speak,” said Khan to Bilawal.

Khan left economy on fan’

In response, the minister of Defense Khawaja Asif told Geo News that economy Imran Khan under the leadership government left behind is an on fan.

Speaking of the deteriorating situation in the country economyprotection minister said the previous government’s corruption had hurt the economy, adding that “If Imran Khan knew about politics, Pakistan would not in this is the state of today.”

Responding to Khan’s alleged assassination proposal, Asif said the PTI chairman was talking about non-existent things.

“Talk about things like this casts doubt on Khan’s mental state. Whenever politicians lose power they say their life in danger”, he said, adding that “Khan’s plot to murder he” it just Act.

Criticism led by the PTI government, Asif said Khan has no place in decent political system.

He said PTI leaders never complained “as long as they were getting help”but they don’t apply to surrender with in line with law.

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