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QAnon Shaman like Trump, but he’s willing to testify against him in the impeachment trial of his

Jacob Chansley, widely known as “QAnon Shaman”, is ready to testify in the trial of former President Donald Trump before Congress, according to the Associated Press.

The agency reported in a report. To her that Chansley’s attorney Albert Watkins offered to testify that Chansley at the upcoming impeachment trial in February.

Senators should hear from someone instigating him, Watkins said. Trump. The report stated that the lawyer has not spoken with any senators about his proposal at this time.

And Watkins said in a statement, requesting a pardon from Trump before leaving office: “It would be appropriate and honorable for the president to issue a pardon. On Mr. Chansley and other peaceful individuals who agree with him and who accepted the president’s invitation with honorable intentions.

Attorney Watkins (Chanceley) described him as “madly in love” with Trump prior to the events of January 6, and Trump did not pardon Chansley.

Watkins was quoted by the agency as saying, “Chansley felt as though the president had betrayed him.”

On January 6, Chansley was photographed in the Capitol riots with a colored face and a beanie. Horns and without a shirt. According to court documents, he paused to take pictures inside the Senate hall and claimed to have left a threatening letter on the office of former Vice President Pence.

He was arrested on January 9 on federal charges of intentionally entering a building Restricted without legal authority and disorganized behavior, according to the DOJ.

Chansley joins at least four others who have been accused of committing riots who claim their actions were influenced by orders from Trump. Five dead, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Seknick.

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