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Processes supported by MI

One of the most obvious ways to improve efficiency and competitiveness for large companies, by optimizing their processes managed by the corporate governance system through expert analysis of the data extracted from the system, is most important for small and medium-sized enterprises. case unreachable. Partly because these analyzes are labor and time consuming, i.e. costly, and partly because not enough data is available for this. At the same time, as with all businesses, the key to increasing development and competitiveness, and in many cases to surviving themselves, is to improve process efficiency and data management.

With planned, artificial intelligence The role of the supported cloud mining and optimization platform will be to collect, store and standardize data describing business processes and then make process optimization and other efficiency proposals from these data.

The two-year project each service is introduced in stages. First, the cooperating companies can receive benchmark analyzes based on data from several companies operating in the same field. The next step is quantitative data analysis: during the 4.0 industry period, countless sensors provide data on production processes, so the data collected over a long period of time is analyzed and returned to the data provider using key indicators specific to the industry. Data on specific processes of companies using the same IT system are analyzed and transmitted in a similar way. This is followed by individual data analysis and process mining, and finally the introduction of a service called White Label

The platform will be developed by MKB Consulting using its own process mining experience, while Neuron Solutions Kft., Which is involved in the project, will develop artificial intelligence. based analyzes, while R34DY Zrt. performs the development of automated IT relations with customers. The project is scheduled to end on December 31, 2022.

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