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Porziņģis: I had to be aggressive, because opportunities don't fall from the air

After the match last night, Latvian basketball player Kristaps Porziņģis revealed that he played aggressively, because otherwise there would be no good opportunities. It has already been reported that the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA) played the Pelicans of New Orleans with 143: 130, but Porziņģis set a career long shot record and played his most productive game of the season.

“Everything succeeded in the attack phase, because a lot of work was put in before, and I was patient in this match,” Porziņģis said at the post-match press conference. “The balls started to fall into the basket and I used my opportunities, but I knew that I had to keep being aggressive, because otherwise the opportunities would not fall from the sky. This was one of the games when I managed to make throws because I was free and in the right situations. In defense, we can be much better and that is the aspect in which we can put the most. Now that our roles are clear, it’s easier for everyone mentally, and it improves team chemistry and helps us grow. ”

Porziņģis also told about cooperation with Luka Dončič. We could already see what we are capable of in the “bubble”. Tonight was one of the games when we succeeded. He found me free on the long shot line and the collaboration was successful – it gave us both and the team energy. Of course, not all games will be like that, but I believe we are on the right track. In the last games, I feel better and better in the attack phase, because I have taken a rhythm and I already knew that it would happen, because I work a lot. ”

Porziņģis scored 36 points, which is his record for this season’s performance, as well as he scored eight of the 13 long shots – so many threes he had not scored in one match during his career. The previous record was set last season when he made seven three-point shots against Portland’s Trail Blazers in August.

Kristaps he played 32 minutes and 18 seconds on the court, during which he threw 13 of the 21 shots from the game (61.9%), eight of the 13 three-pointers (61.5%) and two of the four penalties (50%). He also has seven rebounds, of which three in attack, one assists, one blocked throw, two errors, four notes and a positive +/- score (8).

No less impressive performance for Dončič, who scored 46 points and as a result they both managed to score 82 points together with Porziņģis. We also have 12 assists, eight rebounds and one blocked throw. Dorian Finland-Smith also had 14 points for Dallas and 13 points for Jane Branson.

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