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Pokémon GO: The best counters to defeat Slowking

Pokémon GO: The best counters to defeat Slowking

One of the characteristics of Pokémon GO is the Team GO Rocket , which we can defeat to get different rewards, such as, for example, Dark Pokémon.

Well, one of their leaders His name is Cliff , and in his team he has, among others, Slowking , of types Water and Psychic . For this reason, we leave you some counters and tips to easily defeat him below:

  • The weaknesses of Slowking are the types Electric, Plant, Phantom , Sinister and Bug .
  • Pokémon as Gengar , with the movements Lick and Shadow Ball can be a great option to beat it quickly.
  • Any Pokémon that has moves Electric, Grass, Ghost, Sinister and Bug types will cause great damage to Slowking, although the following are especially recommended, due to their power in combat: Yveltal, Roserade, Magnezone, Weavile , Tyranitar or Houndoom .
  • By Lastly, Cliff also has other Pokémon. The first to be rolled is always Aerodactyl , followed by Gallade, Slowking or Cradily , so you will have to be prepared to fight them too.

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What do you think? Which Pokémon do you prefer to defeat Cliff’s Slowking ? Leave us your opinion in the comments!


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