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Pokémon GO Sword and Shield Easter Egg Leaves Community Divided

«Easter egg» of Pokémon GO in Sword and Shield leaves the community divided

Pokémon Sword and Shield , the latest installments of the saga for Nintendo Switch which introduced the eighth generation , they have been really popular, although it was not until recently that a player realized a possible « easter egg » .

Well, this would be related to Pokémon GO , since in Auriga village , one of the locations of the games for the hybrid console, there is a statue which is quite reminiscent of the Poképaradas , characteristic elements of the title of Niantic . At least, this is what the user who posted this discovery on Reddit, ‘HumanManBoy’ thinks, as you can see below :

I haven’t seen this anywhere online but In circhester there is a pokestop from pokemon

However, not everyone agrees with him; one party alleges that it is a monument simply to a Pokéball and that the similarities to a PokéStop are rare. This fact has generated a division in the community, something that has been reflected in the comments of the post:

  • How could I not figure that out?
  • I was wondering why it looked so familiar.
  • OMG! I’ve never seen him.

Pokémon GO Sword and Shield Easter Egg Leaves Community Divided

  • It’s just the shape of a Poké Ball.
  • Not just like a PokéStop looks like. The only similarity is the standard icon of a Pokéball and that it is blue. It’s not even the correct blue.

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield players doubting Go Easter Egg.

What do you think? What do you think? Leave us your opinion in the comments!


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