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PM won’t accept “imported government”, calls on supporters to protest

Prime Minister Imran Khan finally admitted he can no longer remain in in power how is it party lost majority in National Assembly ahead of no-confidence the vote, which set to accept place in Lower house of parliament against his on Saturday (tomorrow).

“I will never accept “imported” government and I will take to the streets,” the prime minister said, addressing the nation. live on national a television on Friday evening.

Prime Minister Imran urged his supporters to stage protests across the country when “new imported government enters into power on Sunday, the day after the election of new prime minister in National Assembly.

Decision 5-0 ordered parliament get together again on Saturday (tomorrow), no later than 10:30, stating that session cannot be interrupted without a conclusion of motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Imran.

“It is stated that the resolution is under consideration and is in force in general. times and continues like this remain waiting and existing.”

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The Supreme Court ruled that President Alvi decision to dissolve The National Assembly was also “Contrary to the Constitution and the law and of illegal effect”. He noted that prime minister could not advise the president dissolve assembly as he continued remain prohibited under paragraph (1) of Article 58 of Constitution.

Court verdict restored in prime minister and his cabinet to their positions. “As a result of of the above, it is declared that prime minister and federal ministers, ministers of state, advisers, etc. stand restored to the respective offices.

“I’m ready to start a new struggle against them… I’ll go outside. I ask my people to hold peaceful protests across the country against efforts to install an import government but not to resort to violence,” the premier said. in today’s address.

“They are [incoming government] will end accountability drive canceling NAB [National Accountability Bureau]… and reverse electoral reforms, including overseas the right to vote,” the prime minister said, calling on opposition parties to agree with his demand of holding early elections.

Prime Minister Imran said he was “disappointed” by the Supreme Court’s decision. against his government but he made the decision because he held the highest court in ‘high respect’.

“I am disappointed with the decision of the Supreme Court, but I accepted it because I participated in motion for restoration of judiciary,” the prime minister said. on eve of vote on no-confidence motion against his in National Assembly.

prime minister said he was saddened by the verdict of the higher court, which set despite the decision of Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Kasim Suri to reject the resolution of no confidence against its and subsequent dissolution of Lower house of parliament President Arif Alvi on premier’s advice.

The Supreme Court should at least have seen the “threatening letter” before sentencing, he said.

“We also hoped that the Supreme Court also accept suo motu notification against horse-trading… Everyone knows how the legislators’ conscience was bought through money”, he remarked.

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What is a cipher?

Prime Minister Imran, in today’s address, said he couldn’t disclose full text of “letter of threats” in front of the nation, as it is the pinnacle secret a coded document known as a “cipher”.

“The document contains secret code that could compromise communication of our diplomats world,” is he added.

Disclosure of details of “foreign conspiracy,” said US Prime Minister Imran official in meeting with The Ambassador of Pakistan expressed his dissatisfaction over his visit to Russia.

“He [the foreign envoy] told our ambassador that if Imran Khan survived in no-confidence then Pakistan will have to face consequences, but if he loses then Pakistan will be forgiven… they knew that who will enter power after my government overthrown.”

This was previously stated by PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan. in tweet that PM Imran will address the nation live at 21:30.

The day after the Supreme Court set contrary to the decree and order of the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Kasim Suri vote on opposition no-confidence movement, Senator Faisal said Prime Minister Imran knows how to deal with with in challenges.

“Apparently, the opposition believes that won But this is not the case. They are [opposition] lost. Mark my words, time will tell captain [PM Imran] will make important announcement this evening – he will never disappoint his people,” He wrote on his official Twitter handle.

“The state is not going anywhere”

Previously in day, Prime Minister Imran once again said that come what may, he won’t step down or let him government overthrown as a result of a “foreign conspiracy”.

According to sources, he made these words during the meeting of parliamentary party members of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), held in Islamabad.

Huddle considered the political situation in the country and decided to intensify mass contact campaign through rallies in all areas of Pakistan inform public about an alleged foreign conspiracy to remove the incumbent president government.

“Shehbaz Sharif will not be able to wear Achkan (Shervani costume)… we are not going anywhere… mass exodus from the assembly will be tantamount to the success of a foreign conspiracy,” insiders quoted the prime minister during the meeting.

Prime Minister Imran also chaired the meeting of probably the federal government for one last time.


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