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Playstation 5: Scalpers complain about their bad image

Playstation 5. (Photo: Sony)

Resellers have increased the prices of the Playstation 5 enormously. The scalpers responsible for this still consider their negative image to be unfair.

The high demand combined with low stocks have made the Playstation 5 or the high-end graphics cards from Nvidia a lucrative destination for organized resellers. With gamers who are interested in hardware that is not cheap anyway, the so-called scalpers did not make themselves particularly popular. One of them has now complained to Forbes about how bad the public’s perception of him and other scalpers is.

“It seems a lot worse To give press about this incredibly valuable industry and I don’t feel like it’s warranted. All we do is act as a middleman for items with limited quantities, “says Forbes, quoting the scalper, who runs a group that helps others to get paid for products like the Playstation 5 and then resell them for a surcharge. He himself is said to have resold 25 Sony consoles with a profit of 150 British pounds each.

Compared to Forbes, the scalper also compares itself with the British Tesco supermarket chain. Finally, the milk is sold for twice the purchase price. “Nobody seems to ever complain to the extent that they are currently complaining to us,” complains the scalper, who says he has already received death threats.

Other scalpers feel too treated unfairly

The operators of another scalper group had already complained in November 2020 about how negative you The pursuit of profit will be understood. In a statement published on Facebook, the scalpers stated: “Due to the pandemic, many people in our community were sent on short-time work, made redundant or disadvantaged in some other way. These people managed to pay their bills, put food on the table and give their children Christmas presents. It may be unfortunate that one child won’t wake up with a PS5 this Christmas, but another child may wake up with nothing. ”

Check however, this information cannot be provided. The group, which also demands money for membership, has sold around 3,500 PS5 consoles for a profit, according to its own information. In order to recruit new members, the group apparently even switched Facebook ads. One of those ads stated that members could get “risk free” £ 100 for every Playstation 5 sold.

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