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Pictures and details … Get to know Raghad Saddam Hussein

Al-Arabiya channel hosts Raghad, the daughter of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, in an exclusive new series, broadcast daily from Monday, Part One, 16:00 GMT, 19:00 Saudi time.

Who is Raghad Saddam Hussein?

She was born in Baghdad in 1967, and she is the eldest daughter of the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

She was forced by the US invasion of Iraq in the year 1967. 2003, on leaving Baghdad and resorting to Jordan.

I was greatly influenced by her father’s personality, even that his letters were reaching her from his detention.

Marriage at the age of 15

As for her marriage, at the age of fifteen her marriage contracted with the cousin of her father, Hussein Kamel, who was the head of the Military Industrialization.

She gave birth to five children, namely Ali, Harir, Wahej, Saddam and Lebanon, and later a dispute arose between her husband and her father Saddam Hussein.

Raghad witnessed the events of the Iran-Iraq war. In 1980 and the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

In a series of meetings moderated by colleague Suhaib Shrayer, the daughter of Saddam Hussein will reveal many secrets in the coming days.

The location of Saddam’s corpse and his messages

She will also deal with the current situation in Iraq and the unity of his people in the face of Iranian interference in Iraq.

In addition, she will talk about the details of the letters that she received from her father during his trial, and about the location of the corpse Saddam Hussein is now.

Raghad will reveal new details about what she described as the treason that led to the killing of her two brothers, Uday and Qusay.

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