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Pahlavi: The death of Al-Nawawi is better than reviving it. The solution is to bring down the Iranian regime

The son of the former shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, warned US President Joe Biden against yielding to the nuclear deal, saying that the deal’s death is better than reviving it, but he expected the Biden administration to surrender to “nuclear blackmail” by joining the nuclear deal Of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran.

Reza Pahlavi, who now lives in the United States and is calling for Iran’s transition to a democratic country, told Newsweek in a lengthy interview that it would be ” A critical mistake “Biden has joined the JCPOA, even though its supporters argue that it is the only realistic way to restrict Tehran’s nuclear program.

Critics, including former President Donald Trump, have argued that the deal has changed Enough. Its nuclear restrictions were set to expire in 2025, and the agreement did nothing to restrict Iran’s ballistic missile program and its use of regional proxy militias. Skeptics said that even if Iran could be trusted not to operate a covert nuclear program, these flaws made the deal ill-intended.

But for Pahlavi and other regime critics, reviving the deal may be worse than leaving it. you die. “The administration’s decision to extend its hand before it came to power prompted the regime to accelerate the increase in the size of its threat to increase the enrichment of nuclear bomb raw materials,” Pahlavi told Newsweek, referring to the measures that were passed by the Iranian parliament in retaliation for the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhri Zadeh outside Tehran. In November.

“The crucial components of the agreement have fallen and more deal will soon be dropped, and if its value is in doubt in 2015, then it is clear that it is a bad deal in 2021, and the states should not give up,” Pahlavi said. United for nuclear blackmail. ”

A“ longer and stronger ”deal

He continued that despair is not advisable in any negotiations, and Biden may not be desperate. But it does not hide its purpose. He also sought to assuage the concerns of critics of the JCPOA by framing the agreement as a basis for a “longer and stronger” deal covering missiles, proxies, and other issues in the future.

Pahlavi expected that “the United States would compromise in the JCPOA.” The original joint venture, in exchange for a new agreement worth much less than the first. ” He continued, “The administration insists that it will build on this agreement to address other issues, but with what influence?”

Pahlavi said, “Tehran is desperate. The regime has been forced to suppress protests large and small, driven by a host of grievances, including low living standards, taxes on basic commodities, and corruption. In 2019, the US State Department said forces Security has killed about 1,500 people in suppressing the protests sparked by a new fuel tax. ”

Tehran is desperate … and the people are suffering

and continued:” The Iranian people will continue to suffer from corruption, incompetence and brute repression. ” He added, “If the regime really cares about the Iranians, it will stop funding the bombs used to kill Syrian children and buy bread for the Iranians.”

The success of the “maximum pressure campaign”

Pahlavi said that the former president had failed to communicate with the Iranians, but he added, “The maximum pressure campaign succeeded in weakening the regime, but it was not completed because it was not accompanied by the maximum support or direct solidarity with the Iranian people in their democratic movement.”

Pahlavi argued that the only way to truly help the Iranians is to remove the system that oppresses them. “After 42 years of beliefs coming from the dark ages, the Iranian people know who is responsible for removing their standard of living and the most basic social and political freedoms.”

He added, “Their goal is freedom from the apartheid regime.” Mandela understood this when he asked democracies in the world to punish the apartheid regime in South Africa, and indicated that victory would only be achieved as a result of the struggle, including the struggle represented by the sanctions holders. ”

It is considered Pahlavi is an influential figure in the Iranian diaspora, but for many his family name will still be associated with the repression. His father, Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, oversaw a widespread crackdown on political dissidents led by the infamous SAVAK secret police.

Pahlavi said, “The verdict. It belongs to history and to the Iranian people. ”He added,“ If you listen to their chants on the streets of the country about my family, you will know what they think, ”referring to some pro-monarchy slogans that have been chanted in the demonstrations in recent years.

Pahlavi is working from outside to organize Iranian civil society and devise a blueprint for a peaceful and democratic transition to a true democracy in Iran. Pahlavi says he is not personally interested in any leadership role for the Iranians, but rather “to be defending them, on their part, toward responsible authorities in the future.”

Pahlavi added, “I have no personal ambition, and that is why many Iranians listen to me and trust me. If I symbolize something for my countrymen, it is not about returning to the past, but about the future, it is a vision for a different and better future. ”

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