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Home Technology OTP has issued a warning that affects all bank customers

OTP has issued a warning that affects all bank customers

In recent days, a significant number of reports have been received from OTP Bank’s customer service that unknown perpetrators are trying to obtain customers’ savings in a new way.

The persons who publish the chief executive officer of the bank, Gábor Csaba Bucsek, as the managing director, call people with the unfounded reason that their account has been hacked or a large purchase has been initiated. In many lengthy conversations, customers are asked to install a program on their online banking device to resolve the issue. This application is most often used by AnyDesk. The perpetrators even pay attention to the fact that the telephones display a number similar to the telephone number of the bank’s customer service, however, all bank customers may be involved, as the perpetrators do not know who is keeping the account with which bank

It is important that those who receive such a call do not install applications on their device despite the caller’s request, because with their help the perpetrators can perform unauthorized transactions.

OTP Bank once again emphasizes that the bank never calls customers on the phone. credit card data or identification data required for online banking. If someone receives such a call, immediately interrupt the conversation and call the customer service of your bank to inquire about the disputed transaction.

OTP Bank has reported the matter – Computerworld.hu has been informed.

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