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Osaka wins his fourth Grand Slam title

Osaka wins his fourth Grand Slam title
Naomi Osaka | Photo: “Australian Open”

At the Australian Open in the women’s final on Saturday, Japan’s Naomi Osaka played Jennifer Brady of the United States for the second time in Melbourne and the fourth time in the Grand Slam. Osaka (WTA 3rd) played Brady (WTA 24th) with 6-4, 6-3

In the middle of the first set the tennis players exchanged lost games for their service. In the fourth game, Osaka won with the first break ball, reaching 3-1, but in the next game, Brady responded with the same, a moment later leveling the result – 3-3. Winning Osaka’s game required much less effort than his opponent. In the longest eighth game in the set, Osaka had a break ball, which she did not use, in the ninth game Osaka also handed one break ball to her opponent, but it was not used. In the tenth game, the set ended with a good chance for Braid to play the set ball, but her outing to the net ended with a strong hit on the net.

In the second set, Osaka continued to win, finishing the third game with an elusive serve and taking the lead with 3-0, but a moment later, winning the set for the second time, serving the opponent – 4-0. Brady didn’t give up and tried to play in various ways, playing one break in the fifth game – 1-4. As the tennis players continued to win their serving games, the first six winning games reached Osaka, winning the game and becoming the winner of the Australian Championship for the second time after 2019.

In the last game, she won “dry”, playing match balls for Brady, taking a serve, sending the ball across the end line. Osaka had more irresistible serve – six against two opponents – a slightly better percentage of points scored after both the first and second serve, as well as four of the five breakballs used, while the opponent turned two of the four such points into a point. Brady had 31 free errors, Osaka – 24 mistakes, but in the whole match the champion won in 69 games, while the opponent – in 54 games. Osaka also won twice (2018, 2020) in the USA Open

The Australian Open Championship qualifier for Covid-19 this year took place in Doha and Dubai. The main tournament in Melbourne is scheduled for February 21. The competition usually takes place in January, but this year it was postponed three weeks later due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Last year, Novak Djokovic from Serbia celebrated the victory in the men’s competition, but the best among the ladies was Sofia Kenina from the USA.

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