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Oops! That's the starting salary for IT

If we are looking for a sector that has expanded at a dizzying pace even during the pandemic period, it is likely that the IT field would emerge as the absolute winner. There are currently almost 44,000 IT professionals missing from the Hungarian labor market. In addition, the COVID impact has significantly accelerated digitization and automation, making the supply of HR professionals and executives an even more burning issue. Informatics is still the 3rd most popular field of study in Hungary, however, it seems that higher education needs to step up if it wants to keep pace with the development of the market. Where do next-generation IT people come from and what awaits the sector in the coming years? The WHC Group’s staff sought the answer with the help of leading professionals at the HR Fest event in the IT & Telco & Startup industry in April.

Demand for IT professionals has grown worldwide over the past year and is leaking into more and more areas. digitization and automation, so a key goal is to attract trained professionals. It is also difficult to fill vacancies in Hungary, thanks in part to this – and the selection process is moving online – it can now take up to 80 days for recruiters to find the right candidates for the vacancies. Although market players compete with each other for candidates, demand and supply are also quite diverse: some are more looking for beginners to train them according to their own business goals, while other companies are primarily recruiting colleagues with years of experience. Meanwhile, some IT professionals are boldly trying for more interesting projects or better pay, while others are playing a security game.

“Even in the steadily expanding IT sector, we can see very interesting HR trends. It has grown significantly compared to the past. For example, mobility in the profession, many – companies and workers alike – expect the hybrid model and telecommuting to stay with us for a long time. Hungarian companies, as the real value of domestic wages is especially competitive in the sector, “said Viktor Göltl, CEO of the WHC Group at the HR Fest online professional conference.

Net 270,000 HUF the initial salary demand in the IT field

IT professionals are already looking back at the office

Human resources of Telenor Hungary and 4iG s-leaders agreed that the key to selection processes is to formulate accurate, targeted value propositions that help companies reach exactly the professionals they really need. In addition, the employee referral program is a successful tool in recruiting IT professionals. According to Ibolya Gothárdi, HR Director of 4iG, almost half of the candidates now come to the company’s attention thanks to the recommendations of colleagues, so they already allocate a part of the resources intended for employer branding to this area. There are also panaceaes for fluctuations in the backbone of HR executives, with recent in-house surveys showing that IT professionals reward exciting projects and a cohesive team, the flexible attitudes of executives the most, and can’t wait to return to the office community again.

Let’s look at the other side of the coin: what will IT people need to be competitive? All indications are that the demand for excellent IT professionals will not weaken from the corporate side, but expectations and emphases may shift. The specified industry expertise will come to the fore and the so-called development of soft skills. In a changing, challenging world, there will be a huge need for IT professionals who can easily and eagerly acquire new knowledge, successfully collaborate with colleagues and other areas, and be able to approach their day-to-day tasks with a business perspective. In fact, it is also a common success for companies and workers: those who can develop together in a time of crisis can expect lasting results in the market.

Higher education lags behind, women catch up

Due to the long-term chronic labor shortage, of course, the issue of recruitment continues to be a priority for HR professionals in the IT sector. According to the data of the CSO, in the academic year 2019/2020, informatics was the third most popular field of study behind economic and technical training, and according to the survey of the job search site Zyntern.com, which is aimed specifically at career starters, IT graduates have an average net amount of HUF 270,000. are asked as a starting salary. According to Mirtill Megyeri, co-founder of the portal and head of HR and communications, it is also a very encouraging sign that the wage needs of women and men starting their careers in the IT field are much closer than in other sectors, so we can say that women are becoming more confident. in the world of technology. However, Zyntern’s research also found that IT students and recent graduates were the least affected by the COVID effect, with only 15% losing their jobs recently (mainly trainees) and worried about their career prospects

There is less cause for optimism in higher education institutions, as 80% of IT students go on to undergraduate studies, and it seems very that as soon as young people receive an attractive alternative offer from companies, they tend to drop out and leave immediately. to exit the labor market. Kristóf Bárdos, co-founder and CEO of Green Fox Academy, sees universities and colleges as providing an academic-theoretical foundation that can be used, for example, in research and development, but less so in early-stage positions. Professionals are confident that there will be a huge movement in the labor market in the near future: more and more areas will be infiltrated by artificial intelligence, automation or even robotics, so competitiveness will require significant resources for retraining, digital competences and professions. to support interoperability between Equipping economists and engineers, or even lawyers and marketers, with this knowledge can alleviate the burning labor shortages in the area and create positions and functions in companies that can open up new perspectives in business strategies

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