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Oil-producing Arab countries are turning into militarized artificial intelligence powers

At the twilight of fossil fuels, the two countries of the Persian Gulf are increasingly focusing on the development of artificial intelligence in addition to oil in order to boost their economies. According to their experts, military artificial intelligence technology is evolving rapidly and will significantly expand the scope of the nations’ armed forces. universities and private sector stakeholders, including technology companies, investors and startups, have worked to shape the future of artificial intelligence. Here, too, it has fueled the country’s national data and artificial intelligence strategy to become a global MI leader by 2030. One project was to monitor data on COVID-19 infections to help the country respond to and respond to the epidemic.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates also see significant market gaps in defense

Both powers have adopted the Vision 2030 development strategy, which focuses on data and MI, thus helping oil-based economies to develop their potential in intelligence and related emerging technologies.

“In warfare, technology is increasingly able to become a substitute for warfare. It also allows smaller powers and non-state actors to take over, and to maximize the benefits of expanding artificial intelligence.

that technology is being used as a “force multiplier” in all dimensions of the battlefield and beyond, “said Jean-Marc Rickli of the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GC SP)

For example, despite the limited number of armed forces in the United Arab Emirates, “increased integration of MI into the armed forces, such as weapons or C4ISR capabilities (communications, control, computing and automated command and control systems)”. enables protection to be carried out more independently and thus reduces material and human costs, “added the expert.

” The United Arab Emirates is a leader in the development of MI in the Gulf countries, “he said. and Rickli. It was the first country to appoint a Minister of Artificial Intelligence and found the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence.

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