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Officially: The NBA Star Game and competitions will take place in one day

Officially: The NBA Star Game and competitions will take place in one day
Luka Dončičs in the NBA Star Game | Photo: Dallas “Mavericks”

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced that the Star Game in Atlanta will officially take place this year, albeit in an unusual format, namely both the game itself and the events.

The live broadcast will start on Latvian March 8 at 00:00, but the first competitions are scheduled for 1:30, when the “Tacko Bell” skills competition and the “MTN DEW” three-point throw competition will take place. In turn, at 3:00, the Star Game itself will start, during which the “AT&T” “danku” competition will be held during the half-time break.

As last year, the last quarter of the Star Game will honor the tragically killed Kobe Brian. At the end of the three quarters, the number of points scored by the leading team, which will have to score 24 points in the final round of the game to win, but the drivers will have to score more points to celebrate the success, will be taken into account.

Bryant played with # 24 during his career, but there will be no time in the Star Quarter in the fourth quarter – instead will have to play up to a certain number of points. For example, last year, Janis Adetokunbo’s team was in the lead with 133: 124 after three periods against Lebron James. By adding 24 points, the goal to be achieved was set, namely 157 points. The team that was the first to score such points in the last quarter won the match. At that time, Lebron’s team managed to play, which was won by the free throws of Anthony Davis.

The composition of the teams is not known yet. The main line-ups of both teams will be announced next night, but then the captains of both teams, who have not yet been determined, will draft the rest of the line-up, regardless of which conference these players are from. The 10 core basketball players will be determined by a fan vote. The existence of this year’s Star Game caused outrage in several league lights, but the event will take place in the Atlanta “mini-bubble”.

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