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Nvidia accidentally unlocks its limits to Ethereum mining on new GPU card

A limitation to Ethereum mining on RTX 3060 graphics processing cards (GPU) from the company Nvidia, was accidentally unlocked by the same manufacturer thanks to a driver that they inadvertently published.

As we reported in CryptoNews last February, Nvidia released a series of GPU cards designed exclusively for professional cryptocurrency mining (CMP). But Nvidia also limited the hash rate ( hash rate ) achievable by the RTX 3060 , in an attempt to separate the two markets that demand the most for its products: video games and cryptocurrency mining.

Nvidia followed this strategy to prevent its products such as the RTX 3060 and other GPUs from selling out since, As is known, the enormous demand for equipment suitable for cryptocurrency mining occupies a large part of the graphics card market, and leaves the gamers without access to the famous graphics processing cards.

But in exclusive statements for The Verge, Nvidia confirmed that the limitation of hash rate on the RTX 3060 card had been accidentally removed , with the publication of a driver which was later deleted on their website.

«A driver included an internal development code that inadvertently removed the hash rate limiter on the RTX 3060, at some point s settings, ”said the source.

Currently, The driver is no longer available on the Nvidia website , although those who managed to download it and have technical capabilities to do so, may have started mining Ethereum with the RTX 3060 card.

The GeForce 470.05 beta driver increases the performance of RTX 3060 cards, making them capable of mining Ethereum. Now the driver file is spread around the web indiscriminately, without Nvidia being able to do much to stop it.

Even so, without using the GeForce 470.05 driver, Andreas Schilling, editor of the specialized medium HardwareLuxx, checked a rumored solution on other websites. Schilling took a GeForce RTX 2080 card as the primary GPU, and docked the GeForce RTX 3060 as a secondary GPU via an HDMI cable as dummy .

The concept of dummy allows the first GPU to “fool” into believing that the second GPU is being used as a screen or monitor for visualization, when in reality it is able to increase the generalized hashrate of the equipment until it manages to mine Ethereum , with some additional settings explained in the HardwareLuxx article.

However, the driver published by Nvidia would accidentally allow to use the RTX 3060 directly without problems, neutralizing the limitations imposed by the company in this new series of GPU cards. Nvidia also plans the launch of the RTX 3080 Ti for the months of April and May, and will also include limitations to mining, as reported by the Professional Review site.

For its part, another of The competing brands in this market, AMD, is also preparing the launch of its own line of chips to mine Ethereum, as reported in CriptoNoticias.

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