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Now it's easy to win any argument against bitcoin advocates

If you are one of those who immediately jump out of their seat when they hear someone say something positive about Bitcoin, and you can’t keep that comment to disqualify the scarcest asset humanity has ever seen, then this website is for you.

The site NoCoinerExcuse or in Spanish, “Excusas para nocoiners”, shows a new excuse against Bitcoin every time we click the button generator. Phrases can be voted on to stay fixed in a list on the page. This way everyone can see them and continue voting and using them.

Here are some of the most voted excuses on the site:

  • Bitcoin is a bubble manufactured by anarcho-capitalists to destabilize the state.
  • Bitcoin is a toxic internet cult created by Elon Musk to get rid of the boomers .
  • Bitcoin is a manipulation plotted by cryptoanarchists to control the traditional market.
  • BTC is an environmental time bomb created by internet trolls to lay down the dollar.
  • BTC is a plot started by Satoshi Nakamoto to mess with the banks.

To vote you have to be a bitcoiner

The irony is that to vote you need to have bitcoin. Click on one of the excuses and a QR code appears showing an address to deposit Satoshis. thus they remain fixed on the page. The most voted go up in rank until they reach the top 5 and enter the hall of shame fame. In this way, those who do have coins are the ones who decide what the best excuses are, to help their friends not coineros.

The most It is likely that, if you are reading this article, Bitcoin interests you. It is also likely that you go around defending it and proclaiming all its benefits. And it is also likely that you have come across people for whom this page could be their salvation when engaging in a discussion with you.

The creators of this page, which was published only in February of this year, are: Bit Dov and Miguel Madeiros, both programmers from Brazil. Each participates in different projects related to Bitcoin: SatoshiPerPerson, BitcoinHodler.io, Bitcoinheiros, among others.

There are also resources against criticism of Bitcoin

But don’t worry, if Bitcoin is your thing and you want to defend it, we can also recommend this another website, which, among many other things, has a well-defined list of how to respond to the most common criticisms that “digital gold” receives. The site is called CaseBitcoin or in Spanish “CasoBitcoin”. This site considers the 12 most common criticisms and gives a highly detailed explanation of how to respond to them.

The humor and irony around Bitcoin has been around the network for a long time. For example, CriptoNoticias presented in 2018 a web page that shows which crypto assets are considered garbage in a funny and irreverent way. We also recently reviewed the portal Bitcoin or stupid shit, which calculates how much bitcoins you would have today if you had not bought certain things.

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