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NMHH has launched a campaign to develop the digital skills of the elderly

When it comes to technology, the younger members of their families rely mainly on younger members of their families, which is why the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) is targeting the elderly and their helpers at the same time. Up to the Net! its central part is a website that serves as a knowledge base that is understandable and easy to understand for senior net users. In addition, social and traditional media tools and podcasts support the digital catch-up of people over the age of 65.

Numerous studies show that older people listen to their children and grandchildren if they want to navigate the digital world. , they often entrust young people with the management of their affairs. “What Google has for us is the younger generation for them: they turn to its members for help, trusting in their digital skills,” says the president of NMHH. According to Monika Karas, digital achievements are so integrated into our daily lives that they will stay with us even after the epidemic is over. “That’s why it’s important for members of the older generation to thrive with these tools, which they need help with,” says Monika Karas.

The campaign helps older people and their help. focuses on younger family members

According to Péter Vári, Deputy Director General of the Communications Authority, children and grandchildren can be the helpers through whom the most effective way to solve the problems of the elderly can be solved. fears and barriers to the use of digital devices. NMHH’s latest communication campaign, Netre, builds on this reverse intergenerational knowledge transfer! The primary goal of the initiative is to equip the target groups most lagging behind in the digital field with the right information and knowledge to move confidently in the digital world. This is especially needed in times when the Internet remains the only window to the outside world due to forced isolation. In this environment, the mobile phone is one of the best and easiest tools to use against loneliness and loneliness.

“Older people are the ones who approach reservations about digital devices and solutions with reservations or outright fear, which is most about knowledge. can be traced back to its lack “, says Péter Vári, referring to a previous NMHH research. It shows that 82 per cent of grandmothers and 78 per cent of grandfathers have a mobile phone, but only 12 per cent of older women and 14 per cent of men can or would be able to cope with the functions of a smartphone alone. For this reason, they are the ones who need encouragement and help the most to join the digital world and acquire useful knowledge and digital skills that make everyday life easier.

Netrefel In addition to the .hu website, NMHH also informs on Facebook pages and in advertisements

NMHH wants to be a catalyst for this! program, the main element of which is the netrefel.hu website: from this digital knowledge base, the two key target groups of the campaign, the elderly and their helpers, can draw practical information and useful tips. In addition to public interest and informative materials, the site also includes coverage maps and customer service contact information prepared in consultation with service providers. The simple and easy-to-understand website has a contrasting look, a linear page structure, large captions and buttons, making it easier for older people to navigate and accommodate information.

The communications authority distributes regularly updated and relevant content. a NetreFel! Also on Facebook, related television and radio commercials and other media appearances will start in early May. For audio lovers, Netre Fel is available every week! podcast on Spotify. The ten-part series explores topics related to mobile Internet, such as device selection, or entertainment, learning, or shopping on the World Wide Web, based on suggestions from people over 65. The first part of the series, aimed primarily at helpers, will be available on Spotify today under the heading NetreFel.

“Consumer education is a priority for us to make informed and quality-of-life decisions regardless of age, keeping pace with technological advances. “- emphasized Péter Vári.

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