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New video .. Watch the moment of the escape of the harasser of the girl of Maadi

A new video revealed the moment the accused of harassing the girl of Maadi escaped in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and it is an incident that agonized Egyptians and shook their feelings.

The video showed the escape of the girl immediately after she was rescued from the clutches of the harasser and the escape of the accused who tried to demonstrate With consistency and stability after being exposed by cameras and through a woman, she was able to appear at the right moment and save the child and prevent crime. A person pays a girl at the entrance to a real estate in the Maadi neighborhood in Cairo, and one of the surveillance machines installed in it photographed him, and submitting the matter to the Public Prosecutor ordered an urgent investigation into the incident.

The Public Prosecution contacted the owner of the circular circulated and summoned her to inquire, She testified by seeing her through the surveillance screens installed in the medical laboratory in her workplace in the place of the incident that the accused assaulted the child by elongating him to places of chastity on her body, so she went out to prevent him from continuing his assault on her, and when he saw her he left the child who ran away from him, and confronted him with what he had done.

The statement also added that it is monitoring the monitoring machines The accused took the initiative to leave, and an accompanying witness gave the same contents of her statement.

Seizing the accused

And the Public Prosecution charged the Child Helpline to take the necessary measures. Accordingly, the Public Prosecution Office authorized the arrest of the accused for questioning, so he was arrested and the investigations are being completed.

The security services in Egypt were in the process of identifying them.

This afternoon, she arrested the harasser called “MJ”, after he molested a little girl inside the entrance to a property and revealed a video from a surveillance camera.

This, social media users circulated the video, sparking outrage, demanding the Ministry of Interior quickly The arrest of the accused.

Perverse behavior

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and Dar Al-Iftaa condemned the incident, and Al-Azhar confirmed today, Tuesday, that sexual harassment of children is an unpleasant phenomenon contrary to humanity and religion.

He said that child molestation is “a perverted behavior that is forbidden to normal souls, and is criminalized by all laws and laws,” stressing that “this feverish and reprehensible price that is spreading realistically and hypothetically, requires the most severe deterrent penalties. His crime must be absolute and devoid of any condition or context.

In turn, Dar Al-Iftaa said, “Sexual harassment of children is a major sin that is far from all normal sins, and the guardians have to deal with this crime. The awful firmly and decisively

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