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New Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Hungary's Consumer Business Unit

As of March 1, a new CEO will lead the Consumer Business Unit of Huawei Technologies Hungary, with Thomas Liu replacing Lyon Shen after three and a half years. The new leader continues the company’s strategy launched last year, which has resulted in significant growth in Huawei’s sales in Hungary and globally in a number of product segments. While Huawei was still the second most smartphone-selling company in the Hungarian market last year, it doubled its sales of wearable smart devices, selling three times more headphones and six times more notebooks than in 2019. Huawei will continue to build its own hardware, software and services-based smart device ecosystem (Seamless AI) in 2021, and will introduce new products to the Hungarian market in parallel, the company announced

. Huawei continues to build its smart device ecosystem

Huawei Technologies has long been working to create its own complete smart device ecosystem. Today, it has built a so-called seamless AI, a system of continuously connected hardware and software and services that offers a smart solution for every life situation and every scenario. The so-called “Living with Smooth AI Solutions” strategy also covers the areas of smart home, smart office, easier travel, fitness and health, and entertainment

. Innovation is our greatest strength, so we are constantly developing all of our product lines, from smartphones and portable devices to audio devices, “said Thomas Liu, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Hungary’s Consumer Business, at the company’s online press conference on March 11.

The CEO stressed that the company’s business strategy launched last year as 1 + 8 + N, as part of which a number of new products were introduced to the market, proved successful. The company continues to enjoy the trust of users, and their consumers value Huawei’s leadership in innovation. Although the smartphone market has shrunk everywhere in the world, Huawei remains the second largest brand in Hungary in terms of smartphones for the whole of last year. “Huawei has also performed excellently in a number of other product segments. We have achieved 104% annual growth in wearable smart devices and 535% growth in PCs. In the Headphones and Earphones product category, we grew by 201%, while our tablet sales we are in the top three in the market, “said Thomas Liu.

$ 1 billion has already been invested in the development of HMS this year

The Executive Director emphasized that Huawei’s own app store, AppGallery, has already become the third largest mobile app store in the world with more than 1.8 million registered developers, more than 96,000 integrated apps and more than 490 million monthly active users. HMS has become an accepted platform on the Hungarian market, and the activity of Hungarian HMS users is even outstanding: according to the number of users, Hungary was among the Top 10 European countries last year. Currently, more than 260 Hungarian-developed applications are available in the store, and new applications are constantly arriving

Huawei will continue to invest in and expand the HMS ecosystem, focusing primarily on HMS-based phones and tablets. By 2021, $ 1 billion has already been invested in HMS in the following segments: 100 million for developer incentives, 100 million for marketing promotions and 800 million for research and development (infrastructure, human resources, etc.). Thomas Liu stressed that their goal is to have 90% of the world’s top 10,000 apps available in the AppGallery later this year, and to increase the amount spent in the app store from $ 800 million to $ 1.5 billion. The CEO also mentioned the gradual introduction of Huawei’s entirely proprietary, independent operating system, Harmony OS, on their flagship devices.

Huawei will also enter a completely new market segment this year. : our new monitor will be presented to Hungarian consumers soon.

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