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Nasa Rover Perseverance: So you follow the Mars landing in the live stream

Nasa rovers and mini-helicopters on Mars. (Image: Shutterstock / Merlin74)

On Thursday evening, the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity mini-helicopter are due to land on Mars. You can follow the Mars landing of the NASA Mars 2020 mission in the livestream.

Mars is not just a place of longing for SpaceX boss Elon Musk. Nasa and the space agencies of China and the United Arab Emirates are currently targeting the so-called red planet. After the Arab Mars probe Hope reached its destination last weekend and entered the orbit of Mars, the NASA Mars 2020 mission is preparing for a Mars landing.

Mars Rover brings Microphones on Mars

On Thursday, February 18, 2021, around 9 p.m. 50 o’clock, should it be time. Then the NASA spacecraft should move towards the surface of Mars – and set down the Rover Perseverance. The Ingenuity mini helicopter is also on board the probe. During the mission, Perseverance is to place microphones on Mars for the first time. Together with the European space agency Esa, a mission is also being carried out to bring samples from Mars to Earth, as Spiegel Online reports.

You can follow the Mars landing on several channels in the live stream. The transmission offered by NASA is available on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the NASA app, among others. In addition, NASA also offers a 360-degree live stream via YouTube and an uninterrupted transmission of the Mars landing. There is an overview of the offers on this NASA page.

Mars landing as a live stream on Youtube

If you want a scientific classification and more information about the Mars mission and the rover landing in German, you can also access the stream offered by the Planetarium Foundation Watch youtube. There the challenges during landing, the goals of the Mars mission and the instruments on board the space probe are explained with the help of animations and visualizations. Shortly before the expected landing, NASA switched to the live stream.

NASA’s Mars mission was in July 2020 started from earth. The six-wheeled Mars rover alone cost around 2.5 billion US dollars and eight years of development and construction. The device weighs around 1,000 kilograms, is three meters long and has seven scientific instruments, 23 cameras and a laser. Incidentally, the Chinese Mars probe Tianwen-1 also set off on its own Mars mission in July of last year. As part of this, a Chinese rover will land on Mars in May.

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