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Morocco: Instability in Libya affects North Africa

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita affirmed that “the continuing instability in Libya has an impact on the North African region.”

On Wednesday, Bourita said that “elections must be held in Libya.” Because it is the only one capable of determining who has the legitimacy to lead the country. ”

84 MPs support the unity government

It is reported that 84 deputies in the Libyan Parliament announced Wednesday their support for the government National unity without restrictions or conditions, provided that the criteria of competence, honesty and experience are taken into account when choosing.

The deputies who signed the statement of support also called on their colleagues in Parliament to hold a session of granting confidence to the new government and bypassing all disputes and disagreements, in order to Not to obstruct the government’s work.

This comes two days before the deadline to announce the formation of the new Libyan government headed by Abd al-Hamid al-Dabaiba, and after days of consultations, negotiations and efforts led by members of the new executive authority, to persuade Parliament to unite its ranks and hold a session General to give confidence to this government.

It is expected that Dabaiba will hand over the ministerial formation he chose, Thursday, to the Presidential Council and then to Parliament, before announcing it. Friday, and waiting for the confidence of Parliament to start its official duties and implement the roadmap drawn up by the United Nations, which ends with general elections on December 24th.

For this, the new government needs 120 deputies to vote to obtain Trust in Parliament, while the ongoing consultations are still taking place between the deputies gathered in Tripoli regarding the venue for the confidence-granting session.

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