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Michel Barnier Warns Of Very Serious Divergences With UK After First Round Of Talks

The EU’s Chief negotiator said that the talks between both sides were constructive.

But, He cautioned that there might be no going back previous responsibilities when they were to achieve.

To be completely honest with you… there Are divergences and they are divergences.

That is probably very natural after a first round of discussions.

Our gaps come as no surprise, especially after just 1 round of discussions, but a few are very, very hard.

A UK Government spokesman welcomed the constructive tone on either side but cautioned that the discussions would be tough.

Following detailed discussions, we finally have a fantastic idea where the two parties are coming from, the spokesman said.

That includes a Lot of impacts that we must get ready for. It won’t be business as normal. It’ll be very, very distinct.

But we think that this doesn’t demand another international commitment that is legal that is binding.

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