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Merkel, make more PS5 please: So you take the search for the console with humor

Symbolic picture: Even if stores were open, they would not have a Playstation 5 in stock. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Just as popular as Sony’s new Playstation 5 was most recently the corona vaccine. The supply is still much lower than the demand. The frustration is great, but it also results in really funny reactions.

The prospects are not necessarily positive: the Playstation 5 could to be scarce even at Christmas. On top of that, the next-gen console has become huge business for scalpers. They strike at lightning speed and then try to resell the console at overpriced prices – sometimes directly on Amazon. So it’s no wonder that online users are increasingly giving free rein to their anger. This is sometimes excessive and full of anger, but sometimes really funny, as our Best of shows.

Has anyone seen her ? The legendary PS5 on Amazon

Does it even exist, the Playstation 5? Many customer reviews on Amazon are no longer so sure. You compare the console with a unicorn, only want to believe in it when you actually see it, or have already given up on the search for this mystical object:

I have decided to wait for the release of the PS6. Not because I would be interested in another generation of consoles that are constantly out of stock, but because the chances of getting a Ps5 are greater. Thanks for nothing.
Especially those Scalpers and their fantasy prices are a thorn in the side of PS5 fans. You quickly forget good behavior. This is how a user writes:
1249 €? !!!!! I hope you slip down your sleeve while washing your hands …

There is still one out of five stars on top, that goes without saying. Other Playstation fans are also turning the crisis into an opportunity and giving useful advice:

Alternatively, you can build the Ps5 yourself with enough tape, simply remove the old PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 Rummage around the drawer and wrap it tightly.
Another user reports the problem straight to the top:
I’ve been wanting a Ps5 Bro all the time, but I can’t find any. I hear it is supposed to be good, but unfortunately it is rarer than unicorn … Merkel, please make more PS5.

Play has no limits?

In particular, the self-chosen slogan “Play has no limits” is Sony has been blown around the ears in the past few months.

It has! from r / PS5memes

Don’t get PS-5: The best memes

If you couldn’t get hold of a new Playstation, you at least have more Time to make memes:

Something is missing… ( Source: https://9gag.com/gag/aNpAWAb)

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New allotments available – and immediately sold out again

Regardless of which provider you look at: As soon as PS5 contingents are available again in the online shop Are available, either the servers go to their knees or all copies are sold out within seconds.

Internet undefeated with these PS5 memes lmaooo ???? from r / PS5memes

Laughing too: Taiwanese have to sell PS5 after wife realizes that she is not an air purifier

PS5 frustration: These cats already have the console

This hunt for the Playstation 5 is really nerve-wracking. However, enough copies seem to have been sold to make such videos – and ultimately everyone benefits from this:

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