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Home Technology Massive failure: Whatsapp and Instagram were down at the same time

Massive failure: Whatsapp and Instagram were down at the same time

Facebook is apparently affected by a massive disorder. (Photo: Wachiwit / Shutterstock)

Whatsapp and Instagram did not work temporarily or only to a limited extent on Friday evening. Both Facebook services were affected by a massive disruption.

Instagram and Whatsapp were down for almost an hour at the same time on Friday. Around six o’clock on Friday evening, the reports of malfunctions are piling up. Hundreds of thousands of users reported problems with downdetector or downdetector. After about an hour, however, the problem seemed to have been resolved. There is still no statement from Facebook.

Messaging disturbed

The feed could not be updated on Instagram. Partly the browser version did not load. Some users also reported problems with the login.

Whatsapp could neither send nor receive messages. General connection problems were often reported and sometimes the login did not work here either.

A connection between the failure of the two Facebook services is obvious. Individual failures have already occurred in the past, but there has never been a simultaneous failure. Facebook itself was functioning properly during this time.

The causes are completely unclear and it remains to be seen how Facebook will express itself.

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