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Marib .. Houthi plane loaded with explosives shot down

Ground defenses in the city of Ma’rib, north-eastern Yemen, shot down on Sunday an explosive drone launched by the Houthi coup militia towards the densely populated city.

Local news websites quoted military sources as saying that the bombed plane that succeeded The defenses that were shot down immediately after flying were loaded with explosives.

According to the sources, the downing of the plane coincided with the fall of a missile belonging to the Houthi militia targeting the densely populated and displaced city of Marib.

According to the sources, The missile landed in an almost empty area, and it is not yet known whether there were civilian casualties.

From time to time, the Houthi coup militia targets homes and public and private facilities in the city of Marib with missiles and drones, some of which result in crashes. Civilian casualties and property damage.

A report published by the American magazine “Newsweek” indicated that Iran had apparently sent advanced drones to the Houthi militia in Yemen.

*) The magazine said that images seen by and confirmed by an expert who follows up Iranian activities in the region indicate the deployment of Iranian drones and that Shaheed-136, also called “suicide planes” in Al-Jawf governorate in northern Yemen. An advanced pilot. ”

He added,“ They are deploying or pre-positioning these drones in order to launch an attack against a variety of targets within their range. ”

The Houthi militia has intensified Of the use of explosive and reconnaissance drones, which the United Nations Committee of Experts said earlier, that they were assembled from components from external sources and shipped to Yemen, and that the “Qasef” or “bomber” is almost identical in design, dimensions and capabilities of the Ababil-T, which Made by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation.

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