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Lily, the girl who explains the basics of Bitcoin with candies

Lily is a 3-year-old girl who since August 2020 has a series of videos on Facebook grouped under the name of Lily’s Show. In her show Lily explains from things as basic as the characteristics of different animals, to the principles of Bitcoin: What is it? Who created it? How does it work?

On February 2, Lily’s Show published its fifth chapter titled Bitcoin, where the 3-year-old girl explains in a simple and fun way the principles of cryptoactive ; just like Michael Caras’s children’s book, previously reviewed by Bitcoin.

Lily begins Chapter 5 of her show by explaining what bitcoin is: a coin decentralized digital , of which there are only 21 million of them in the world. The girl also comments that the cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto , who “is a mystery.”

Inside the video, to explain the bitcoins wallets and the blockchain , Lily uses Skittles and wooden dowels. The Skittles represent the bitcoins, which are kept in different bags, that is, purses, that belong to her and her stuffed animals. Every time a Skittle passes from one bag to another, this represents a transaction that generates tacos of wood. These blocks are placed one on top of the other forming a stack that symbolizes the blockchain.

On the function of purses Lily adds what:

All you need to access your wallet is a 12 word code, but if you lose the code you are screwed. You’re going to lose all your money.

Lily, Lily’s Show host.

The 5 minute chapter also adds information on the security of bitcoin and its current price, more than USD 40,000 for February 2 (At the time of writing this news the bitcoin is in USD 49,246.10 )

After a few jokes from Lily, the video ends with a public key that has both an alphanumeric address and a QR, in order to make donations for the Lily’s university fund .

As said above, the video is posted on Facebook, but a shorter version can also be seen on the Twitter account of Lily’s Show, where the video has more than 8.3 thousand retweets.

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