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Leaking images show what AirPods 3 can look like

It looks like Apple’s wireless ears will be updated this year – the generational change may take place sooner than last time we had to wait three years for it. Rumors of the AirPods 3 have become louder and louder these days, and photos of the new headset have started to appear. it will be more similar to what comes with the AirPods Pro. Interchangeable rubber bells are not made by the manufacturer, the universal, “all-in-one” design remains

Based on the images, we will be able to control playback by pressing the stem in the same way as with the AirPods Pro, . According to 52audio, the H1 chip will not be updated or the battery life will increase. We’re wondering if it’s really just the design that will change, or that you’ll know something that AirPods 2 doesn’t have yet. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the release is expected by the end of 2021, production will only really start in the third quarter, and for now, Apple is also philosophizing about completely releasing the previous-generation model or keeping it on offer, risking that people rather, it is chosen because of its better price.

Leaking images show what AirPods 3 can look like

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