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Know how to drive roundabouts correctly

Passages or circulation on the appropriate route are some of the rules to be taken into account

Circular at roundabouts continues to be a difficult mission for many drivers who, due to ignorance of the law, or forgetting traffic rules, do not know how to approach a roundabout in the right way.

In fact, and according to a study by Axa in Spain released by Seat, two out of three drivers do not know how to drive correctly at a roundabout. In your case, which side of the ‘barricade’ do you think you are on?

Be whichever side you are on, it is never too much to remember the rules. Who has priority? In what range should we position ourselves? When should we use the turn lights?

This is a guide with the objective of helping you to overcome with distinction the circulation in a roundabout.

So, take note that access is one of the most delicate moments and that most accidents at a roundabout occur when entering it. The first recommendation when arriving at a roundabout is to slow down.

You can only enter the roundabout after giving way to the vehicles that circulate in it, whatever the route wherever they do it. If the driver has doubts about whether or not he has enough time for safe access, experts recommend waiting until the maneuver can be carried out without risk of accident.

Remember that before entering the roundabout already you must have the turn signal marked: to the right you will be leaving at the first exit or to the left you will just be leaving the roundabout at another exit later on.

In general, it is advisable to circulate in the inner strip of the roundabout and with the blinker to the left. The exceptions are when we are going to take the next exit or if we are going to start positioning ourselves on a more right-hand lane to leave the roundabout – in this case, the turn signal should be flashing to the right.

Do not forget that the car that runs outside, on your right, always has priority and, therefore, if at the moment of changing lanes it is occupied by another vehicle , the advice is clear: go around the roundabout again until the lane is free and you can safely exit.

Without prejudice to the previous lines, remember that drivers should use the most convenient transit route to their destination.

What about cyclists?

Particular attention must be paid to groups of cyclists who circulate on our roads: when they are in a group, as soon as the first one enters or leaves a roundabout, the rest already have priority even over vehicles vehicles that already circulate at the roundabout.

Many drivers are unaware of this rule, but the whole group of cyclists must be seen as a single vehicle and therefore wait until the last pass.

Keeping calm is essential to know how to get around roundabouts. Although this maneuver is often a real test of drivers’ patience, they should not forget that the car’s horn is not meant to show impatience or blame other drivers for their maneuvers. This vehicle equipment is used to alert drivers of situations of imminent danger.

As a curiosity, take note that Portugal is not the country in the world with the most roundabouts – that title belongs to France, which has one every 21 kilometers. But, all over the world, there are very varied roundabouts.

The oldest is the Arc de Triomphe roundabout in Paris. At this intersection, 12 avenues converge. In addition, it is known for its high number of accidents. In fact, novice drivers are not allowed to drive.

The most ‘difficult’ roundabout is located in Swindon, UK, which is considered the most busy road intersection. complex in the world incorporating a total of seven roundabouts inside and the circulation is different in each of them.

The most intelligent of the roundabouts is located in Lujiazui, in Shanghai, China, where an elevated road was built over the pedestrian roundabout that connects to the metro station, nearby skyscrapers and the most visited historic buildings. In this way, vehicles are always in motion.

The largest roundabout is located in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with an area of ​​4,500 m2. In order not to take advantage of the interior terrain, in the middle of the roundabout there is a 5-star hotel, the second residence of the president of the country and the Petra Perdana gardens.

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