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King wins defeat in Switzerland

King wins defeat in Switzerland
Ronald King Photo: “Lausanne”

Latvian hockey player Ronalds Ķēniņš stood out with a goal in the Swiss Hockey League (NLA) game on Friday, but his team “Lausanne” suffered a loss in overtime. “Lausanne” lost “Bern” to overtime with 5: 6 (1: 0, 3: 3, 1: 2, 0: 1)

The king scored in the 32nd minute, reaching a tie of 3: 3. Ķēniņš spent 19 minutes and 13 seconds on the square, of which the Latvian striker played in the majority in a minute and a half. He scored five times, blocked the opponent’s shot once and ended the game with an efficiency of +1. Defender Kalle Andešsons stood out in the ranks with three (1 + 2) performance points.

In another game, the winner was Denis Smirnov. Geneva Servette, who played Rappersville’s Jonah Lakers at home 7: 5 (2: 2, 4: 2, 1: 1). Smirnov spent six minutes and 17 seconds on the court, finishing the game with an efficiency of +1. Three goals and four performance points for Linus Umark in the ranks of the winners

Finally Langnava “Tigers” without Ivars Punnenovs in the goal with 2: 5 ( 0: 1, 1: 3, 1: 1) lost the Zurich Lions. Forward Tom Anderson of Langnavas took first place on the court and played for 13 minutes and 11 seconds. He threw the opponent’s goal once and ended the game with a +/- score minus one. Pascal Berger (1 + 1) and Ben Maxwell (0 + 2) scored two points in favor of the “tigers”, but two (1 + 1) performance points for Dominik Dim in the “lions” team

Of the clubs represented by Latvian hockey players, Lausanne is the highest in the Swiss Championship, ranking 58th in 31 games with 58 points. Denis Smirnov and Sands Smona’s Geneva Servette ranked seventh in 32 matches with 57 points in 32 matches, while Tigers are in the last 12 club competitions with 27 points in 38 duels. Last season, the NLA tournament ended after a regular championship, so for the second time in history and for the first time since 1940, the Swiss champion in hockey was not crowned.

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