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It’s the most valuable brand in the world that has overtaken both Google and Amazon

After three years, Apple is once again the most valuable brand in the world in the 2021 Global 500 rankings. Apple’s brand value rose to $ 263.4 billion, an 87 percent increase in a single year, according to market research and business consulting firm Brand Finance, which compiles the register. The company was third on the list last year, both a year earlier and the year before.

In second place is Amazon.com, the leader of the previous three years, with a brand value of It rose 15 percent to $ 254.2 billion, while Google slipped back from second place to third last year, its brand value rose 1 percent to $ 191.2 billion.

Retained fourth place in the top 10 Microsoft, with brand value, rose from $ 117.1 billion to $ 140.4 billion. There is no change in fifth place either, with Samsung still taking the place with its brand value rising from $ 94.5 billion to $ 102.6 billion. its market brand value increased from $ 77.5 billion to $ 93.19 billion. Facebook fell to the bottom, ranking seventh on Facebook, with a market branding rising from $ 79.8 billion to $ 81.48 billion. (ICBC), its brand value fell from $ 80.1 billion to $ 72.8 billion. Verizon is ninth on the list ($ 68.9 billion) and WeChat is tenth ($ 67.9 billion). , Rose to $ 32 billion, no significant increase was achieved by any of the listed companies. Second in terms of value added is Alibaba.com, whose brand value rose 108 percent to $ 39.2 billion.

However, there were also losers in the recent period, with airlines affected by a 40% decline , including aircraft manufacturer Boeing, Airbus, American Airlines and Delta

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