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Inside.Gamer Community Spotlight # 3

A few weeks ago, Inside.Gamer launched a new community platform where you can chat about games with your fellow gamers and where you can find the necessary gifs, strong discussions, self-made reviews and off-topic topics.

If you missed it, you can post an extensive post here about Inside.Gamer.

In this post we highlight a number of posts for you. Don’t forget you can still win a Nintendo Switch by posting! The best post on Inside.Gamer in the first month after launch wins the console. So quickly post some nice content and who knows, the Switch will soon be on your doorstep. Don’t forget that you can just use your Gamer.nl account.

So far the introduction, we will continue with a selection of posts that you can Inside.Gamer could find this week.

What are we playing this weekend? February 27 and 28

We kick off this article with Jacco’s question about which games the community will be playing this weekend. Power Unlimited boss Martin indicates that he and editor Cody had a Warzone tournament last weekend and that they are therefore likely to play a few games to get in. In addition, he still loves Ori and the Will of the Wisps on the Xbox Series X. Curious about what the rest of the community played last weekend?

Read the whole post of Jacco here


Which game was the most disappointing to you?

Former intern Ruan Moleman asks the community an interesting question: “Which game was the most disappointing to you?”

“In addition to the many fat games, there are also many games that were disappointing. If we expect this in advance or if we hear from the reviews, we buy the game maybe not at all. Still, there are games we were very hyped for but didn’t like when playing.

For me it wasn’t for example No Man’s Sky, despite my enthusia sme prior to release, I did not make it to launch. It wasn’t until after the major updates that I dove into it and I loved it. I have not touched Cyberpunk 2077 yet, so I could not call it a disappointment. I’m talking about a disappointment when you actually started playing the game, which you didn’t count on. “

Curious about the reactions from the community?

Read Ruan’s entire post here

Assassins Creed Rogue Remastered

Sour apples: ‘What game time do you always look forward to?’

Even your favorite game does not always have to be fun to play. There are plenty of moments in games where many gamer Dr Caspari thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion about this.

“Do you talk to people about Ocarina of Time and ask them? towards the downside of the game, the majority will call it the ‘provocative’ water temple. Although switching between shoes is very annoying, I personally have nothing against the water temple at all. In fact, I think it’s one of the nicer and more atmospheric dungeons in the game.

Jabu-Jabu’s Belly, on the other hand, I’ve always cursed. It is not even that this temple is not well constructed, but I notice time and again that I find this part very boring to play and am happy when it is over. I don’t know exactly what it is because of it, but I think it is in the aura of this dungeon. Everything is red, looks gross and looks alike. Then you have another section where you can carry a Zora princess all over the place… No, I am not a fan. “

Said Doctor Caspari in his post about sour apples in games

A console for ants

The Switch is of course a very nice thing for both at home and on the road. in your pocket. Luckily there is the Arduboy Nano! Martin came across this funny video and shared it with the community.

A console for elephants

Following ng of Martin’s console for ants, user HanTheMan posted one for elephants! In this video, we see student Ilhan Ünhal who built the world’s largest working Game Boy. The “handheld” is fully functional and supports all cartridges released for the original Game Boy.

The most beautiful and ugliest box doctor

User Luig1985 asks the community an important question, namely: What do you think are the most beautiful and ugliest box arts? He himself kicks off with two iconic box arts, namely those of Mega Man 2 and Resident Evil 4.

Curious about the reactions from the community?

Read Luigi1985’s article here

Which console innovates the most?

Community member Tielo takes a moment to reflect on the three big names in the games industry and looks at their developments in recent years.

“Xbox, the youngest member, disrupts the full price game structure with a subscription service that promises the latest games on day 1.

PlayStation, veteran who seems to reinvent the wheel over and over again. Hysterical new look, shape and appearance and always a controller with something new on it, is it not a light or a touchpad then triggers with resistance.

Nintendo, stubbornly looking for the line between console and toys. momentarily slides next to your TV and then can play on the bus again. “

As you can see, every console has its own face, color, services and games. But what would you like to see different on your favorite platform, do you want innovation or more of the same and why?

Curious about the opinion of the community?

Read Tielo’s article here

What is your favorite theme in games?

Leonaz97 is curious about what your favorite theme in games is. Think of a setting such as Norse mythology, Sci-fi or the Far East. Of course you are also welcome to indicate which setting you prefer not to see in the games you play.

What is your favorite theme in games?

So much for a selection of the posts on Inside.Gamer of this week. Looking for more? There is always more to be found on the new community platform. And don’t forget to post something nice now and then. Who knows, you might win that Switch soon!

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