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In the Latvian-Estonian league, VEF Rīga is looking to extend the series of losses to Ventspils

In the Latvian-Estonian league, VEF Rīga is looking to extend the series of losses to Ventspils
BC “Ventspils” Photo: Juris Presnikov

Today in Pafbet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League (LIBL) there will be three home team duels, including a duel between the leading units “Ventspils” and “VEF Rīga”.

The match at Ventspils Olympic Center will start at 5 pm, broadcasting it live on the channel “Best4Sport TV”.

” VEF Rīga ”with 13 victories in 15 matches takes the first place in the overall ranking table of Latvian teams, but“ Ventspils ”with ten successes in 13 fights is the second. The first two laps were won by the Rigans – 96:93 and 97:84.

Ventspils residents after a month-long break, during which the team was hit by a small The Covid-19 outbreak returned to the square last week with a heavy loss to Ogre (65:93). Today, the victory will be next to the leaders, but in case of loss, the closest followers will approach. The best statistics in Ventspils team are still for Māris Gulbis – on average 21.3 points and 5.8 rebounds are played.

Meanwhile ” The losses of the VEF Rīga team to Ogre and Liepāja have threatened the leading position of the people of Riga. This week, the Rigans secured a place in the next stage of the FIBA ​​Champions League with a victory in a fierce battle. So far, the biggest contributors to the 13 victories have been Legionnaires – Kail Olmen with 14.1 points and 4.7 assists, and Michael Kaiser with 11.9 points and 6.6 balls under the baskets.

Also a game will start at 5 pm, in which “Ogre” will measure its strength with “Liepāja” in the gym of Ogre Secondary School No. 1. This show will be broadcast live on the league’s official YouTube channel.

Ogre is in third place with ten wins in 15 matches, but “Liepāja” is fourth in eight fights with eight victories. In the first two matches, Ogre won – 94:77 and 78:73

Ogre won in seven of the last eight games , including both leading teams from time to time. The leader of “Ogre” with an average of 13.8 points in the game is Andre Volker, but Kristaps Dargas is 11.5 points and 8.9 rebounds.

The balance of the last games for “Liepāja” was also very good, however, the success series is shorter than anything – six victories in seven games (also over “VEF Rīga”). To get closer to the top three, victory is needed today. So far, the biggest contribution to the success has been made by Ilya Gromov and Dāvis Geks, who have an average of 14.3 points per game.

19 “Valmiera Glass” / Vidzeme University College will duel with “University of Latvia” at Vidzeme Olympic Center

Valmiera residents are fifth with 14 wins in 14 duels, but Riga students have lost in all 15 games and are the last. The people of Valmiera won in the first two games – 85:70 and 83:73

The leaders of the Valmiera team are the most experienced players – Edmunds Elksnis 17 points and 6.6 assists, but Ervīns Jonāts 12.4 points and 6.1 rebounded

“University of Latvia” has become even younger after the resignation of the team leader Kārlis Žundas due to an injury. Among Latvian teams, the leader with 13 victories in 15 games is “VEF Rīga”, “Ventspils” has accumulated ten successes in 13 matches, but “Ogre” is also in 15 matches. “Liepāja” follows with eight victories in 14 games, Valmiera team has two successes in 14 matches, while LU has lost in 15 games.

Before The approved calendar of the season provided that until December 6, each national team will play only with each other, but with the continuation of the season, international games will take place. Taking into account the epidemiological situation in the region, the league board decided to play the main tournament in both countries separately.

The calendar of Latvian team games for two more rounds has now been approved, which will be provisionally played until mid-February. The continuation of the season will be decided later. The preliminary championship playoff system provides an opportunity to organize a joint elimination tournament in the spring, playing between teams from different countries.

LIBL third season main tournament for 13 teams it was planned to hold a two-round tournament, which would be followed by a playoff – the quarter-finals and the Final Four

LIBL Championship 2020 In the ./21 season, 13 teams are participating – six Latvian units – “VEF Rīga”, “Ogre”, “Ventspils”, “Valmiera Glass” / “Vidzeme University College”, “University of Latvia” and “Liepāja”, as well as seven Estonian teams – Tallinn “Kalev” / ”Cramo”, Rapla “Avis Utilitas”, “Parnu Sadam”, “University of Tartu”, Rakvere “Tarvas”, Tallinn “Kalev” / TLU and “TalTech”

In the first tournament of the Latvian-Estonian joint league in the season 2018/2019, in the competition of 15 teams both in the main tournament and in the Final 4, “Ventspils” won, but in 2019 ./2020 season remained unfinished, Covid-19 stopped due to pandemic “VEF Rīga” took the first place in that main tournament, “Ogrei” took the second place, Tallinn Kalev / “Cramo” took the third place and “Ventspils” took the fourth place.

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