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In Baghdad … he wanted to sell two girls for $ 60,000

The Iraqi street was shocked, today, Friday, by the news of the sale of two girls in the capital, Baghdad, after the authorities revealed that they had arrested a person accused of trafficking in human beings.

In the details, the Directorate of Combating Crime in the Ministry of Interior stated that it had arrested a suspect accused of trafficking Human beings while he is selling two girls in Baghdad.

As for the method of disclosing that plan, the directorate stated that “after the availability of information from one of the secret sources about the presence of a person who has suspicious practices in the trade body, it became clear to the investigators that the aforementioned man intends to sell two girls for 60 thousand US dollars

Then a subsequent team formed the ends of the thread and the information, and documented the information by filming. After that, the investigating judge issued an order to arrest the accused with the flagrante delicto.

After a tight ambush, the accused was arrested In the act of committing a crime.

Legal measures have been taken against him, and his statements were recorded in the first instance and in the court of law recognizing the crime of human trafficking.

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