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IAEA: Iran's nuclear project is not peaceful without inspection

A draft resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency affirmed today, Monday, that the peacefulness of Iran’s nuclear project cannot be verified without inspection.

To this, the draft resolution called on Iran to stop breaches of the nuclear agreement and resume Inspection.

The IAEA expressed its concern about Iran stopping the monitoring and inspection operations.

Germany, France and Britain also expressed in the text that will be presented to vote next Friday, according to France Press, expressing its deep concern, stressing the need for Iran to immediately resume all inspection programs.

A quid pro quo!

In turn, the director stressed The general of the agency, Rafael Grossi, stated that Iran’s recent decision to limit the access of inspectors to nuclear facilities has a serious impact, adding that it impedes the work of the agency and its assessment of the extent of the Iranian authorities ’commitment to their obligations.

He also stressed that inspections must be carried out. To continue and not to be a quid pro quo.

Reducing the work of inspectors

These international meetings come in light of tension with Tehran, which has taken steps in recent weeks. New on the way to disengaging from the agreement, including moving to an automatic enrichment level With 20 percent uranium, producing metallic uranium and reducing the work of international inspectors, with the aim of pushing the United States to lift punitive measures that stifle its economy.

As of last Tuesday, Iran began to reduce the work of IAEA inspectors, based on a decision. From the Iranian Shura Council (parliament), requesting to do so unless the US sanctions are lifted within a deadline of February 21.

However, the two parties later reached a temporary agreement on the sidelines of a visit by the Agency’s Director General Rafael Grossi to Tehran . The latter said at the time that “our work will be restricted, to face this matter. But we were able to maintain the necessary degree of monitoring and verification work.”

While the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization made it clear that the agreement will allow the preservation of surveillance cameras in some areas. The facilities, but Tehran will keep the records and present them to the IAEA in the event that the sanctions are lifted during the next three months, or destroy them completely if this does not happen.

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