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“I deliberately shot down the plane” … a direct Ukrainian accusation against Tehran

In the first direct accusation by a Ukrainian official to the Iranian authorities of intentionally shooting down the Ukrainian plane in January last year over Tehran, killing 176 passengers, Alexei Danilov, secretary of the Ukrainian National Defense and Security Council, which is overseeing the investigation of this file, said that he It is believed that “the Iranian regime shot down the plane deliberately, to avoid the spiral of military tension with the United States.”

He added in an interview with the Canadian newspaper, Globe and Mail, “Iran does not allow anyone to investigate this tragedy … “. “It is not acceptable for me to say it was just an accident .. it was a deliberate action, and a consciously deliberate attack.”

He also indicated that when he traveled to Tehran after the plane was shot down, he expressed his opinion to his Iranian counterpart, Ali Shamkhani, but Shamkhani only assured him that his political wing was not involved in the incident.

In turn, the Ukrainian Deputy Prosecutor General, Gunduz Mamdov, accused Iran of hiding the identity of the ten accused of shooting down the civilian passenger plane with a veil of vague secrecy, indicating that his country had asked Tehran to provide it with information about these people, according to what Iran International reported.

“Information through the Media”

Also, yesterday, Thursday, plans were announced for Ukrainian officials to hold a meeting, via the Internet, with the military attorney New in Tehran.

He added that Ukraine was able, once again, to obtain information about the downing of the passenger plane through the “media”, but this information was “hidden” in the context of the official talks.

In addition, he said that, under international law, states that work together in a criminal case must exchange information He died together.

Deliberate concealment

The Deputy Prosecutor accused the Iranian regime officials of “intentionally concealing the dimensions of this horrific crime.” And he warned that Kiev “has the legal tools to administer justice and will definitely use them.”

The public relations report of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office also mentioned that Ukrainian officials are trying to communicate, via the Internet, with Nasir Sarraj, the new military prosecutor. In Tehran, who replaced Turkish Gulambas.

Accusation of 10 without names

The former military prosecutor in Tehran announced on April 6. It is noteworthy that an indictment has been issued against “10 persons involved” in that tragedy, without revealing their names.

It is reported that the Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down by two missiles fired by the Revolutionary Guards, shortly after it took off from Tehran International Airport On January 8 (2020), killing all on board.

After the tragedy, the Iranian authorities, after days of discretion and conflicting statements, declared that Tehran’s air defense fired at a Boeing plane bound for Kiev

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