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Houthi violations of the UN truce escalate in western Yemen

In a series of escalating violations and breaches of the UN armistice, the joint forces monitored the Houthi militia’s commission of 110 violations and violations south of Hodeidah on the Yemeni western coast.

The military media reported to the joint forces, in a statement, on Saturday evening, that the Houthi escalation It affected inhabited residential objects and farms in various regions and districts in the south of Hodeidah Governorate.

The Houthi militia used in the bombing and targeting operations heavy mortar shells and medium machine guns of various calibers and sniper weapons, and the areas witnessed a flight of Houthi reconnaissance aircraft.

It is reported that the joint forces managed to extinguish Houthi sources of fire that targeted residential areas in Al-Durayhimi and Kilo 16 sector earlier, and dealt painful strikes on the militias to double their material and human losses.

In the context, the Houthi coup militia renewed, on Saturday, its brutal bombardment that targeted citizens’ homes in the city of Hays, south of Hodeidah, western Yemen.

And local sources reported that the militias bombed residential objects with heavy mortar shells of 82 caliber and shells. 60 caliber densely packed.

Meanwhile, citizens’ homes in separate residential neighborhoods of the city were targeted with medium machine guns and sniper weapons, according to the same sources.

Meanwhile, the joint forces monitored two militia reconnaissance aircraft flying over the sky of Hays after passing Hours of surveillance plane flying in the same area, and two planes in the sky of the At-Tuhayat district.

This comes after hours of Houthi missile strikes on the Mashir al-Shaabi neighborhood of Al-Hawk district, in which the militias used Katyusha rockets, and similar bombardments hit neighborhoods. A residential apartment in Sana’a Street in Hodeidah city, which caused a state of panic among civilians.

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