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Highlights: Anthem will be discontinued and PS5 will get VR

Did you miss something or do you want to have everything sorted out? We have made an overview of all the highlights of this week for your convenience!

‘PlayStation 5- controller has an estimated lifespan of 417 hours’

The DualSense, the controller for the PlayStation 5, should be a estimated lifespan of about 417 hours.

That claims YouTube channel iFixit. The revered channel regularly takes technology apart and looks at how it works, and recently it did this with the DualSense controller.

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Highlights: Anthem will be discontinued and PS5 will get VR

“Microsoft To Air A Bethesda Showcase Next Month”

Microsoft would broadcast an event in mid-March, according to an insider, giving more details about the future of Bethesda.

The acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax by Microsoft announced last year should be completed sometime soon. To clarify the future of Bethesda and its games, Microsoft would broadcast a livestream in March detailing the acquisition.

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The Legend of Zelda – parts 1 to 3

In 1986 the very first game in a franchise that would eventually have an indelible impact on the entire gaming industry. The Legend of Zelda and its numerous sequels have become an indispensable part of game history. This year, the Zelda series has been around for 35 years, so we look back at the many highlights and releases that this adventure franchise has to offer.

This series of articles originally appeared on Gamer.nl in 2017. The text has been adapted in various places with recent information.

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Sony announces next-gen VR system for PS5 On

Sony has announced that it is working on a next-gen VR system for PlayStation 5.

The announcement of the new vr system was done through a blog post. In the message, Hideaki Nishino, vice president of Sony, writes that the new system should deliver the ultimate VR experience.

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PlayStation 5

Exclusive Stadia game PixelJunk Raiders announced

Developer Q-games has announced the exclusive Stadia game PixelJunk Raiders.

The game must be playable on the Google streaming service from March 1st. Pixeljunk Raiders is a sci-fi-esque rogue-like with a happy cartoon vibe.

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Development of Dying Light 2 plagued by bad policy

The postponement of Dying Light 2 has to do with chaos and mismanagement within developer Techland.

According to a report from TheGamer. Too often, according to current and former employees, an iterative process that is in reality chaotic and directionless is used.

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Dying Light 2

Bioware stops development of new version Anthem

Bioware has discontinued development of the new version of Anthem.

The new version, also known as ‘Anthem Next’, has been in the works since late 2019. The Anthem released in 2018 did not bring the intended success for Bioware and publisher Electronic Arts. Anthem Next would overhaul the game and potentially make the game more popular than ever.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released August 24th

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released on August 24, as was announced tonight during the State of Play broadcast.

The game should have been released late last year, but was then postponed to sometime early this year. Now it appears that the game will be released in August.

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‘EA turns Dragon Age 4 into a pure single player experience’

Electronic Arts would have allowed Bioware to make Dragon Age 4 a pure single player experience.

That says Jason Schreier of Bloomberg. Initially, the new Dragon Age game was intended to rely heavily on an online multiplayer experience, anonymous sources report to the journalist. However, in recent months, EA would have decided to change course “after a recent multiplayer flop”. This probably refers to Anthem.

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Dragon Age

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