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Hermitage Museum of Russia to exhibit works of art in NFT format

The Hermitage Museum of Russia announced that it will open its doors to exhibit works of art in non-fungible token (NFT) format, as part of a project on new artistic expressions.

A statement published on the museum’s website details that the initiative will be the “first exhibition research in Russia in the field of NFTs and their use in the artistic field.” Although they did not reveal an exact date for the exhibition, they assure that it will be in this year.

It also indicates the institution that, to accommodate the tokens in forms of work of art, were associated with the Aksenov Family Foundation. This organization describes itself as a dynamic mobile platform that fosters cultural and social innovation.

«The tokens non-fungibles have become a new way of securing the rights of a work of art using a blockchain, which allows to establish unequivocal control over copyright and property rights “, indicates the statement of the museum.

The Hermitage, the second largest art museum in the world, has promoted since 2018 exhibitions focused on innovation of artistic techniques, artificial intelligence and dialogue of cultures .

Art in NFT format: a global phenomenon

The news of the Hermitage is not something isolated. Many artists have found a commercial niche in non-expendable tokens that aroused the interest of collectors around the world.

Such is the case of digital artist Mike Winkelmann, known in the art scene as Beeple, which sold one of its tokenized digital artworks for nearly $ 70 million. This made him one of the richest living artists in the world.

Another artist who has decided to embark on the NFT adventure is the Argentine Andrés Reisinger, who has dedicated himself to selling his designs of sofas, chairs and digital tables in NFT format, earning thousands of dollars in a matter of hours, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

Also the work of the renowned artist Bansky has reached the universe of non-fungible tokens. Recently, the company Injective Protocol acquired the original of the work “Idiots” from English, to later burn it and turn it into an NFT based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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