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He infiltrated a base that includes the American Air Force One … and the Air Force is investigating

The US Air Force is investigating an infiltration incident at the Andrews Joint Base, a military facility in Prince George County, Maryland that houses Air Force One, meaning the plane carrying the president.

A spokesman for the Andrews Joint Base said According to ABC News late Thursday, “An unauthorized individual managed to gain access to the Andrews Joint Base. The incident is under investigation.”

He also added that “the Air Force Special Investigation Office is leading this investigation. To this office, any requests for information related to the incident. ”

In addition, the Air Force Special Investigation Office did not immediately respond to ABC News’s request for comment and for further details.

It is not clear when the accident occurred or whether the individual was able to reach any aircraft on the flight line.

Biden to Wilmington

It is indicated that The Andrews Joint Base is located about 14 miles southeast of Washington, DC.

It is expected that President Joe Biden will leave the Andrews Joint Base, Friday evening, for Wilmington, Delaware, according to a schedule published by the White House, Thursday evening

as y The White House stated on its website: “Technically,” Air Force One “is used to refer to any Air Force plane carrying the President, but it is now customary to use the term to refer to specific aircraft equipped to transport the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces,” adding: “Today, he indicates This name refers to one of two highly custom Boeing 747-200B series aircraft, bearing the codes 28000 and 29000.

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