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Hashemi Rafsanjani's daughter mocks the Iranian negotiation method in Vienna

Faiz Hashemi, reform activist and daughter of former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, criticized the way the Vienna talks aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, which began on Tuesday, against the backdrop of her country’s refusal to sit at the same dialogue table with the American delegation.

Hashemi mocked the Iranian and American delegations sitting in two different hotels, to conduct indirect negotiations mediated by the European Union seeking the return of the two countries to the nuclear agreement.

The Iranian delegation refused to sit at the same table with the American delegation, after the resumption of the nuclear talks this week, and on the condition that they return to the nuclear agreement and lift the sanctions, before direct negotiations

A surprising joke

As part of the periodic discussions that bring together the parties to the nuclear agreement. Insaf News »through his account on the site« YouTube », that the negotiations between his country and Western countries« turned into a surprising joke », and added:« We went to Vienna, America sits in a hotel, and we sit in another hotel, then the Europeans go to hear what he says This The party, before moving to another hotel, and in another room to hear the other party, isn’t that funny. ”

Hashemi asked:“ Didn’t we sit down for years to negotiate with the Americans? Didn’t we say that America should return to the nuclear agreement? ? We must negotiate, what does not mean ». She added, “We negotiated with the Americans about Iraq and Afghanistan, and for a thousand other places we negotiated with the Americans, and we must negotiate about ourselves also with the Americans.” These policies are wrong. ”

Hashemi criticized the deterioration of Iranian relations with its Arab neighbors, especially the Arab Gulf states, before referring to her father’s endeavor to normalize relations with the Americans during the period of the” first guide, “Khomeini, pointing out that Her father addressed a letter to Khomeini, “asking him to solve two issues as long as he is alive”, namely “ending the war with Iraq and relations with the United States,” and she indicated obstruction of his attempts to normalize relations with Washington.

Hashemi expressed Its readiness to run for the upcoming presidential elections, despite its assertion that her candidacy request was rejected by the Guardian Council, which studies the candidates’ applications. It also expressed its readiness to conduct direct talks with the United States to resolve the outstanding issues between the two countries for four decades.

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