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Hala Al-Turk's mother: I am waiting for an alternative verdict and “the celebrities have let me down”

The case of the Bahraini artist, Hala Al-Turk and her mother, Mona Al-Saber, continues to occupy the artistic community. “The time limit that the court gave me ended on Sunday, and I could not collect the amount,” in a call with the “ET” Arabic program.

Manual work instead of imprisonment

She also added, “We have proposed replacing prison sentences with what is stipulated The verdict, and I, like any sentenced person, do not know what will happen in the next period, and the alternative judgment that all people are supposed to know and I have not stated or talked about a lot is manual labor instead of imprisonment. ”

She added, “Unfortunately everyone knows that I will be imprisoned, since the verdict was issued, and now I am waiting for the sentence to be replaced, according to what was presented by Sheikha Salwa’s office.”

She also explained that the value of the sum demanded to be paid “is 20 thousand Bahraini dinars. Approximately (200 thousand Saudi riyals), denying that you stated that the amount is 200 thousand dinars, confirming that only 2000 dinars will be collected, meaning only 20 thousand Saudi riyals, indicating that some pedestrians They contacted her and were unable to collect the required amount, perhaps because there was no security approval, as she put it.

“I pondered, but the opposite happened”

And she said, “At least the issue becomes known and becomes in touch with me, so in the end I want to clarify things, O in or not? There was no need for all this shamefulness, and at the same time I did not know whether there was aid or not, and I meditated, and the opposite happened. ”

Regarding reconciliation with Hala Al-Turk, her mother said,” Of course it did not happen. “

Mona also indicated that no one interfered to reconcile between her and her daughter and said, “No, there is no interference, unfortunately, and the final thing is either I pay the money or my daughter Hala Al-Turk waives the case, and this is all in the story.”

Hala Al-Turk explains

It is mentioned that the Bahraini star, Hala Al-Turk, had revealed two weeks ago that she is a minor and her age does not allow her to exercise the right to litigation, and thus she did not Any lawsuit is filed against her mother.

She said in previous statements to the mbc trending program: “I love and appreciate my mother and my relationship with her is continuous and cannot be interrupted.”

She also added: “I chose Silence and I will not change my mind and refuse to talk about my family matters in public and through social media. ”

Anger and criticism

It is indicated that the court On March 20, the Bahraini woman issued a decision to grant Hala Al-Turk’s mother, Mona Al-Saber, a month’s notice in order to be able to pay the required amount and return it to her daughter within a month and not to be imprisoned, after a request from M Hami Al-Saber.

Last month, a court had sentenced Hala’s mother to one year in prison, after her daughter sued her for taking a sum of money worth 20 thousand Bahraini dinars, which sparked anger and sharp criticism that extended The young artist.

And Hala Al-Turk had accused her mother of spending the amount over the past years in which she was a child under the custody of her mother, while the mother confirmed that her daughter knew that she was spending this money, because she did not get her expense Legitimacy belongs to her ex-husband, Muhammad al-Turk, for more than a year and a half.

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