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Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani in the evening swipe of the hour: 56 inches of cheese

Engage with Jenish Mevani media a news conspiracy in Delhi.

New Delhi:

Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani Jignesh on Monday torn in Assam government and the police for His arrest, targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well for A plot to tarnish his image in the future of State elections later this year.

“me call That’s 56 inches of Cheese using woman to frame me in a false A case… the Prime Minister’s office is involved in This plot.”

Saying that Himanta Biswa Sarma in Assam government should “Ashamed” of the strong remarks by the court granting him bail, he said: “On April 19 the FIR was registered. The police traveled over 2500 km on On the same day for arrest me. It was a pre-planned plot to destroy me.”

Mr. Miffany, Independent MLA in Gujarat arrested last month by Assam Police team From the town of Palanburg in Gujarat over Husband of Tweets that criticized Prime Minister Modi. The case was brought by the BJP leader in Assam.

he is made guaranty on April 25 and immediately re-arrested in An assault case brought by a policewoman, which the court said was “fabricated”.

He was finally released from jail on Saturday after district court in Assam gave him bail on Friday.

Mr. Mivani was elected as an independent in the Anti-Money Laundering Act extended for him support to Congress in September 2019.

Strong criticism of the state police for Attempting to threaten him, the Barpeta hearings court in Assam in rearranged granting Bail application to Mr. Mevani from the Guwahati High Court to take up petition on queen against Recent police transgressions in the state.

Court sessions also She asked the High Court of Guwahati to order the Assam Police to wear body cameras and install Surveillance cameras in they vehicles to capture ranking of events When the accused is arrested.

Convert file hard-earned Judge Aparish Chakraborty said that turning democracy into a police state is unthinkable. in Command – demand. If the current status is accepted true And in view of Statement of The woman that the judge recorded… which isn’t, we’ll have to rewrite criminal jurisprudence of The court said.

Contrary to the FIR (first information Report), the woman gave a different story In front of the investigative judge … in view of Certificate of Women, instant can is manufactured for the purpose of Save the accused, Jenish Mivani in detention for Longer, abuse of the operation of Court and law.


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