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Golem Goes Back to Ethereum Mainnet with zkSync for Lower Commissions

Golem Network, a decentralized computing power market, announced on March 11 a new version of its dApp, called Yagna, which implements the second layer solution on Ethereum, zkSync. Although the new version of the network is official, according to the Golem team, it is still in an experimental process.

The update of the Golem dApp, which goes from an Alpha version, to A new version experimental Beta 1 (Yagna), was announced by Golem Network on March 11, through its official blog. In the statement, the Golem team stated that the update occurred because the new Golem has grown enough to begin to see widespread use of this application (previously released in 2018) by decentralized application developers, and providers interested in providing their computing services to the market.

The Beta 1 version of the Golem dApp uses the GLM tokens recently migrated to Ethereum’s ERC-20 , and the zkrollup for payment methods, ZkSync , which was introduced in the version of the dApp, Golem Apha 3 by default. With ZkSync in the new version of Golem, transactions are faster, and your commissions lower.

Golem in this new version of its dApp also added all the features it wanted in its initial product (the Beta version), to satisfy its customers. Among the characteristics are: the implementation of the decentralized market; VM (Computer System Emulation) and WASI (Modular System Interface for WebAssembly) computing environments; supports for price scheme for tasks and use; and payments with GLM tokens in the first and second layers of the main Ethereum network.

“Also to allow application developers to jump directly into app development from Golem, we are officially supporting two levels of API’s – for Python and for JT / TS, plus a fairly easy-to-understand manual to get you on your way. ”

Golem Network .

On the other hand, since Yagna is experimental, she has several shortcomings of which the company is aware: lack of support p2p, verification mechanisms, low-level encryption protocols and digital signature.

Golem’s team within the statement added that some things on the Dapp are expected to break. So if users find vulnerabilities, they will be rewarded by the Bug Bounty program. Program that rewards users who recognize and report errors related to security breaches.


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