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Former Philadelphia Police Officer who mortally wounded 12-year-old in back charged with murder D.A. says

Edsaul Mendoza, aged 26, was one of four plainclothes officers inside the police station, unmarked car on evening of March 1 when they pulled out up up to 12-year-old Thomas “TJ” Siderio and 17-year- the old one is identified as “NK,” Krasner said. Then TJ “probably” shot at vehicle and the bullet hit the rear window, Krasner said.

Three of officers took cover but Mendoza is engaged in “tactically unhealthy” leg chase of boy and shot him three timesKrasner said.

In time to chaseTJ dropped gunKrasner said. Regardless, Mendoza is sacked twice the boy after gun was dropped, he said. Mendoza fired fatal shot from half-car distance when 12-year-old lay face down on land, Krasner said.

Immediately afterwards, Mendoza sent another officer to the place where the boy thrown the gun that was found 40 feet, the district attorney said.

“Thus, when Officer Mendoza fired at the third and fatal shot he knew 12-year-old 5ft 111lb old Thomas Siderio was no more gun and no ability hurt him,” Krasner said.

In announcing the charges, Krasner referred to a presentation or an official indictment document. grand jury, which was founded on unpublished surveillance video of shooting. Krasner said officials would not release the video until they received permission from a judge to do so.

Mendoza was indicted in performance with first-degree murder third degree murder voluntary murder and possession of tool of crime with mean use it’s criminal, Krasner said.

Krasner said he was taken into custody on Monday morning and is being held without bail. Preliminary hearing is held set for May 16, according to the court record.

Fraternal Order of Philadelphia of Police said they would represent Mendoza in case.

“The accused officer, like every other citizen has the right to due process of law, and we are confident that our judiciary system will protect this officer’s constitutional right to a fair trial,” Philadelphia FOP Lodge #5 President John McNesby said. in statement.

Grand jury questions decision stop boys

The charges were filed two months after Police Commissioner Danielle M. Outlaw moved to fire Mendoza because the shooting violated departmental rules. use of force directive, she said.

“Based on off of the evidence I considered was clear what use of force policy was violated,” Outlaw said at the time. – I’ll tell you that everything use of force must be proportional to the resistance they are trying to overcome. I will also tell you that our policy it is clearly stated that excessive force will not endure.”

grand jury presentation published on Monday also asking questions to officers decision stop 12-year-old and 17-year-old in in first place.

The officers were on patrol in the of a stolen the firearms investigation involved a third party, and the officers believed that 17-year- the old one was indirectly related to this investigation, the document says. However, the alleged reason for the stop was different among the officers as two officers said they stopped the boys for violation of the rules of the road, ”the document says.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner moves to fire the officer who shot 12-year-old who was allegedly armedPhiladelphia Police Commissioner moves to fire the officer who shot 12-year-old who was allegedly armed

The officers were driving without identification marks. car with toned windows up to the boys and then put on the emergency lights on. Around the same time, a shot rang out. off and hit the back window of in vehicleas per view.

The plainclothes officers did not identify themselves as police officers, the document said. Philadelphia Police policy states that plainclothes detectives “won’t regularly stop traffic” if not clear dangeraccording to the presentation.

After the shooting, Mendoza chased the 12-year-old, and the other three officers did not see what happened at the end of in street, the document says.

A 9 mm semi-automatic pistol equipped with According to a March police statement, a laser was recovered from the scene. gun Reported stolen and was loaded with one round in camera and five rounds in magazine. 17-year-old boy who was at the scene and was not injured, authorities said. He was interrogated and released pending further investigation.

One of officers were wounded in eye behind the glass when car was shot,” the police said in a statement. The bullet went through the passenger side rear window and through the headrest of the front passenger seat where another officer was sitting, the statement said.

Aaron Cooper of CNN, Raja Razek and Amy Simonson contributed to this report.


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