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Former Microsoft Member Explains Why They Tried To Buy Nintendo In The Past

We recently learned the impressive news that Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo several years ago. Well, today we receive more statements related to this movement.

The information has been offered by Robbie Bach , former president of the division of Microsoft Entertainment and Devices and Xbox Director, who mentions that at the time of the original Xbox they were looking everywhere for partners and that is why they considered Nintendo as an option.

«In the early days of the Xbox concept, Microsoft didn’t want to do the hard work , that just wasn’t something we knew how to do, so the idea was we were looking for partners », shared the creative in a recent meeting on Twitch. “We talked to all the PC manufacturers, we talked to SEGA, so we went and talked to Nintendo; They sure were the big kids in the industry and by the way, they were across the street from our offices so it wasn’t like we had to take a long trip to go see them. “

” So we had a conversation and the reaction we got was probably the one we expected ”, he adds. “You know, Microsoft didn’t have much to contribute, Nintendo was successful and has always been a kind of autonomous company with its own content, but Bob and his team explored all angles.”

“Al In the end, we decided to go to hardware, which was kind of a last resort and I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but we weren’t a hardware company so we decided we wanted to make hardware it was a great commitment, ”continues Bach. “And we tried a lot of different ways not to do that and in the end we had to do it ourselves. I mean, ironically, the number one people who told us we should make the hardware were actually external editors. People like Electronic Arts and Activision and those guys, they wanted someone to compete with Sony and Nintendo, so having a third company on the market was good for them. And they didn’t want someone to do what 3DO did, which was to license their hardware to other people, they wanted someone to be into the hardware ».

« So, you know, ‘A.’ we had potential partners who said no and ‘B’. we had outside editors saying ‘you have to do this yourself’, so that’s what we did, “he concludes. What do you think of his words? You can share it in the comments.


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