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Ford's Romanian factory was also paralyzed

Automaker Ford will shut down its plant in Craiova, Romania, for eight days due to a global shortage of semiconductors also used in vehicle manufacturing, the company said on Wednesday.

Forced shutdown ordered from 26 February, production is scheduled to resume on 10 March. All over the world, the semiconductor became a shortage after demand jumped significantly. Demand for computers and mobile phones, which also use semiconductors, has risen sharply around the world, as has the vehicle industry.

Vehicle production in Romania fell by 10.71% in January. Ford and Dacia together produced 38,431 vehicles, compared to 43,043 in the same period last year. Of this, 19,809 cars were assembled by Dacia and 18,622 by Ford

Last year, Romanian vehicle production fell by 10.67 per cent for the whole year, after Dacia and Ford produced a total of 438,107 vehicles in the south.

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