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Ford reveals electric scooter that parks alone

New electric scooter collects autonomously to lifting points

Spin, Ford’s micromobility subsidiary , announced that it will launch an electric scooter that promises to solve one of the biggest problems that this type of vehicles has been causing in big cities.

scooter capable of parking alone, collecting to the lifting points in an autonomous way, and which can be controlled remotely.

Developed in partnership between Spin and Segway-Ninebot, the new scooter uses a new platform from the company ‘Spin Valet’ and Tortoise software that allows the S-200 fleet to be controlled and operated remotely, and thus remove the badly parked electric scooters in seconds from pedestrian paths or street traffic.

This way, after the electric scooter user has finished his trip, and if the vehicle and blocking the sidewalk, a pedestrian crossing or a parking space for the disabled, the remote operations team will be able to properly park the electric scooter – at a maximum speed of 5 km / h.

The remote control too makes it possible to park the scooter well if it has been left in a place where it is unlikely that anyone will be able to use it again.

The first fleet of S-200 scooters will be tested in Boise (Idaho, USA) already in the spring, with the city receiving up to 300 units of these three-wheel electric vehicles, which Spin says is more robust and stable, and better able to withstand different road conditions thanks to its improved suspension.

The S-200 promises to offer safer driving as well, as it benefits from three independent braking systems (regenerative rear brake and front drum brakes) and rear) as well as mu steering dance (on the handlebars and near the rear wheel).

“In addition to providing greater reliability to consumers and more order in cities, this can significantly improve the economy of each unit, reducing its carbon emissions and the operational work required to properly maintain and park fleets “ , stressed Ben Bear, director of business development at Spin.

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